Good Morning

Rain 04.06 (3)

The deluge day and night have at last passed by. This photo is from the day before yesterday. I took it with my camera and not phone, so had to upload it before posting it. I took a few, but this one shows the impact of rain when it falls in torrents. Just to mention I did get quite wet from the splashes. The iron bar in the middle of the photo is part of our scaffolding. At the moment all photos from home have bits and pieces of building construction. I will probably miss this Christo lookalike art style when the builders eventually move on to annoy someone else. It was also a test to see what happens to a building when it has been stripped of all insulation and just the bare bricks are left. Luckily the water stayed outside and there were no suspicious damp patches anywhere.

Our weather prophets were talking about a cold period for days before it happened, but I was still wearing shorts and a summer top. This was until yesterday. I pulled out the long home trousers and the short sleeved t-shirts again. Today the colder weather is still with us with grey skies, but no more rain. At the moment I have a slight touch of cabin fever, as the only excurions I make are to the front garden and back garden. I decided today I will make an effort to see the world again, at least a walk with the camera somewhere. It is still a day of holiday, with the shops all closed, being Whit Monday.

Rain 04.06 (9)

This is the river that began to form in front of my window where the tiles had been removed for the workers. Note the iron support of the scaffolding – I tell you, it is everywhere. It looked quite threatening at the time, but the water eventually disappeared, although we are not sure where. Perhaps an underground lake is building, to appear one day. Sorry for the poor quality of the photo, but I was inside and the rain was running down the window. I now have almost 500 photos of the bulding project on my building. One day I might get them published in a book – The Summer That Never Was.

Front Garden

At least my front garden seems to be thriving in the rain. The green garden rubbish container now has a new place, as the scaffolding was in the way, but at least it is green. I was surprised to see my potted plants were thriving on this side of the house. I noticed that the hedge now needs a trim, but no-one ventures out with the hedge cutter at the moment. The gardener would do it for us, but we had to tell him not to bother this year, although we will probably make an exception for the hedge. We two golden oldies can no longer do it with various small problems like lumbago, and limbs that no longer work as they used to.

And now to move on. We must eat to live and so I must cook something. I hear the merry sounds of ironing in a distant room, so Mr. Swiss is busy keeping out of mischief.

I will be back some time today – see you around.

2 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • I went back to long trousers yesterday. Today is a little better, just a few drops of rain and I have just returned from a wonderful walk along the river. I felt good, the air was good, no rain and pleasant temperatures.


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