Daily Prompt: Thoughts on the Distance of Barking

In the air - View over the Thames

Did you see the news today? Terrorists (a new name for murderers) decided to take a drive in their white bus on London bridge and killed a few people, just at random, all in the name of… no idea. It could have been me on a holiday in London visiting my dad and on an evening excursion into the center of London. It happened on London Bridge which is the next bridge to the Tower Bridge, but names are distant if you do not know London. I know London very well.

I read today that arrests have been made after a raid on an apprtment in Barking. Barking? never heard of it? Oh yes, I have. When mum and dad were forced to leave the East End, Bethnal Green, because their house was at last being demolished, they moved to Essex, a bordering area to London. It was so bordering that London has now taken it over and this part is now referred to as being part of London.

They moved to Dagenham, beause dad was working in Dagenham at the Ford Motor Works and it meant that for his last years as a working man he no longer had to travel such a large distance to get to work. He could now take the bus, instead of the underground railway.

Dagenham was Dagenham, but even that changed and now it is known as the London Borough of Dagenham and Barking and so we are now also connected to Barking which is the next area. There is no border line between Dagenham and Barking and even the people all look the same. It is an area of various nationalities, but nothing special, because if you grow up, work and live in London, it is a mixture. What is a Londoner? The Londoner could come from anywhere and everywhere, but he feels at home in the town. If you live in the  Barking area, in my case Dagenham, it was a place like any other. I do not live there, because I moved to Switzerland 50 years ago, but I know it  through many visits to mum and dad. I got to know the local train station, the busses, the places where you could go shopping, it was a second home, even a a distance.

And today I read that people had been arrested in a raid on appartments in Barking as being connected with the assasination of innocent people on London Bridge. This is the latest develoopment in pointless murders of innocent people. You have probably never heard of Barking. The only association up to now was thinking the place had a connection to dogs. Oh yes, there are dogs on the streets, and people, and children and now there might be terrorists amongst us.

Just a name in a headline “Barking” that means nothing to those reading the latest online news, but there are murderers amongst us it seems, living their lives without suspicion. The photo is from a take off from London City airport, also in the area. It does not show Barking, but it all borders the River Thames. I do not have any photos of Barking, only Dagenham, but it is all in the same area. Today Barking was in the news, because perhaps there might be a connection to the barbarous murders of innocent people who happend to be taking a walk on London Bridge on a Saturay evening, or perhaps spending an enjoyable evening in restaurants near London Bridge. Who knows, I know Dagenham, but now Barking as well, but it is all in the distance.

Daily Prompt: Thoughts on the Distance of Barking

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Thoughts on the Distance of Barking

    • Barking is East from London, and where many Londoners moved to when the old slums were demolished in London. It has a large emigrant population, but it is part of the London scenery.


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