Daily Prompt: Imaginary Things


“There are things that go beyond understanding, although they are not as strange as they might seem.  Take a look at the corridor, it is just a normal corridor in an appartment: stone floor and cupboards, everything normal.”

“I must say you have a lovely place here, although perhaps you could close the blinds.”

“Why do they bother you when they are half open?”

“They throw some strange shadows everywhere.”

“It’s normal. When the sun shines you always get shadows.”

“But that room at the end with the half open door?”

“What’s wrong with it? And the door is  half closed.”

“I suppose it is according to how you look at it. It seems quite mysterious with that dim blue light on the other side.”

“Where are you going?”

“I wanted to take a closer look. Do you mind?”

“No, it’s OK, but remember I did not invite you to take a look. you are going of your own free will.”

“Is that so important? Of course, but you are making it sound quite strange. Almost like one of those horror films. Is it your room?”

“They are all my rooms, I own them all.”

“Then you don’t mind me taking a closer look. The shadows stop at the door. What do you use that room for?”

“I do not use the room, it exists, with whatever is inside. Where are you going?”

“I must take a closer look, it seems it has a certain attraction, almost pulling me.”

“It’s a room, not a living thing.”

“But I can hear a  noise coming from the room, as if it was breathing.”

“Must be the wind blowing through the window, I can hear nothing. Don’t go into that room.”

“Why not?”

“It is not a good time of the day, the shadows are getting smaller, and are receding and don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“But inside the room the light is becoming brighter. Do you have some sort of special computer inside.”

“I suppose you could call it special. I had it fitted when I bought the place.”

“Windows 10 or an Apple?”

“You are inquisitive – and you really do not want to know.”

“Is it your computer?”

“It is not exactly a computer, and it only works under certain conditions.”

“What conditions?”

“Oh nothing special, room temperature must be just 10° below boiling point and it has to be midday.”

“But why only midday?”

“Because the sun is then at its highest point and is more concentrated.”

“Oh,  come off it, you must be joking. You make it sound like some sort of scientific experiment.”

I told her not to enter the room, but people disappear all the time, just disintegrate and I have to use the vacuum cleaner to such up the ashes afterwards. You read it daily in the newspaper. Just another one where you could say curiosity killed the human, disasppearing without a trace. I didn’t like her in any case, far too inquisitive and she always did have a strong imagination, telling me that when the sun shined on me I had red eyes. Now no normal human being has red eyes, or do they?

Daily Prompt: Imaginary Things

6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Imaginary Things

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  2. My hallway looks exactly the same. Light comes in the same directions too. Slatted because we have blinds. But your space is much brighter. All that nice shiny white 🙂

    Let me know when your mysterious computerized thing does whatever it does!

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    • It is because of the blinds that we get those patterns. We bought the appartment when it had just been built and we could determind the inside furnishings. I mainly chose what would be easiest to clean. And the mystery room is mine, it was quite harmless util the computers began to speak with each other.


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