Good Morning

Iris 27.05 (2)

Funny things are happening in my garden. This is the usual show I have of iris for the last 15 years at least. The iris plantation has grown over the years and in May they are at their most. This year we have one single flower, just one and the remains are green leaves. It is now too late to hope for more. I really do not know why. It cannot be the builders, because they operate on the other side of the garden. I cannot blame it on my cat as she does not appreciate colours and it is not edible.

Hostas 31.05 (2)

On the other hand my hosta leaves are expanding to gigantic sizes within a few weeks. I blame it all on the climate changes and it is really about time that they do something about it. If this continues our house will be engulfed in hosta leaves and you will need a machete to get to the front door.

I try to avoid politics on my blog, as there are enough others that can do it better than I can and as far as Switzerland is concerned, it is almost only the Swiss that know that we also have politics. But yesterday I saw a guy that calls himself president telling everyone that he knows it all better. I saw him standing at a little desk in front of his big white home in the garden telling everyone how he is protecting his people with his new decision. What amused me were the garden chairs with about 50 people sitting on them in rows (do not know the exact number) all listening to what he was saying and clapping in the right places and cheering when he told everyone of his newest “I had a dream” ideas. I was just wondering who are these people. It reminded me of North Korea where Kim whatever only allows the right people to assemble when something happens, so that they can clap or cry according to the news. You never see the others – you just have to choose the right people at the right time. So enough of politics.

It is Friday, and we have an important strategic mission to complete: the week-end shopping. The cloud list has been established, although not completed. We have another one of those long week-ends in front of us. This time Monday is a holiday for Whit Monday. It is a funny holiday really, because no-one seems to know why. Some do, if they bother to go to church, but the others just enjoy the day not having to do anything, but doing what they want to. My only problem is buying food for Monday as well, as all the shops will be closed on Monday. At least our builders will not be working, so it should be a quiet day.

Renovation 31.05 (2)

They have now progressed to the next stage of their Cristo similar artistic designs. The bare brick effect is now being covered with specially constructed bricks. At last we have reached the quiet part of the work and hear only light taps to fix it to the wall. This part of the job will probably take a few weeks to cover everything. I am glad that the noisy part of the work is now finished. I am slowly becoming a building expert. According to one of our experts, who lives here, it is all being done according to the newest norms. I hope they do not change these norms often, otherwise someone who will not be mentioned might decide to put it to another vote about having it all redone again to even better norms.

And now I will go, before the next deluge (I mean rainy deluge) arrives. We are living in uncertain times at the moment.

14 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. We are seeing the same thing here, on the other side of the world. Huge green rose bushes and giant green day lilies with no buds. GIGANTIC Hosta growing like crazy. I thought it was our cold, damp weather. I have heard this from others in this region (all over New England) … but since we are hardly in the same weather region … well. Something climactic is occurring and it’s not good.

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    • Of course it isn’t it is all fake news, even the president knows that. I wonder how his garden is growing. I hope it is full of triffids, although that would not be so good. They tend to copy humans.


  2. Facebook showed me an amazing picture of my beautiful roses one year ago. To date I have not one and my own irises have only just started to open. We have had a very wet and cold spring so I try to damp my hysteria down. Whit Monday – after Pentecost, you mean!

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    • My climbing rose is full of buds, so that one should happen. Otherwise another rose bush has dies and one is in the waiting line. Our Spring began wet and cold, but now we have quite hot weather, interspersed with thunder storms. I am not so much into religious holidays, but yes pentecost is another name for it.


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