Flower of the Day: 02.06.2017 Curcuma, Siam Tulip

Curcuma, Siam tulip

The first ones I saw in the store were deep pink, which seems to be the “normal” colour, but our Curcuma spice plant also produces the plant with white flowers. I took this photo a few weeks ago, but noticed today they have a new delivery. Who knows, I might be tempted to put one in the garden.

Flower of the Day: 02.06.2017 Curcuma, Siam Tulip

8 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 02.06.2017 Curcuma, Siam Tulip

  1. I’ve never seen the white, but it’s lovely and would be really pretty in a garden. This grows well in the neotropics, and it was in my gardens – naturalized – for years before I realized what a treasure was literally at my feet. I treasured it for its beauty, but now it’s triple treasured!

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    • I only knew curcuma as a spice and could hardly believe my eyes when I saw this in a garden store and realised what it was. I would love one in my garden, but am not sure if it would survive the Swiss Winters – probably not.


      • It has two cycles in the dry-rain forest climate.. first those lovely flowers burst from the ground, and then the foliage follows… or perhaps the foliage first, then eventually dies and goes into a dormant phase, and then when the rains return, the flowers burst forth first, and then the foliage, which stays pretty for months as long as there’s water. i suspect you could grow it as a pot plant, much like an amaryllis… the rhizomes will start growing on a platter in the kitchen if you give them water!

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        • Thanks I am thinking about it. Amaryllis grow well here inside, usually from December and flower some time in January. When the weather gets warmer I put it out in the garden and give it fertiliser and then hope the following Winter that it will flower again.

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