Flower of the Day: 02.06.2017 Curcuma, Siam Tulip

Curcuma, Siam tulip

The first ones I saw in the store were deep pink, which seems to be the “normal” colour, but our Curcuma spice plant also produces the plant with white flowers. I took this photo a few weeks ago, but noticed today they have a new delivery. Who knows, I might be tempted to put one in the garden.

Flower of the Day: 02.06.2017 Curcuma, Siam Tulip

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – June 2, 2017

School cycle training 29.05.2017

Everyone has to learn how to ride a bike, although I never did. This is the local school class on the way with the policeman who is showing them how to do it properly. Eventually they have to take an examnation on the road. They put up special miniature road signs for them.

St. Kathrinen Cemetery 21.05 (3)

There are always quiet paths at the local cemetery.

Road to Langendorf 02.06 (4)

These steps have often been used.

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – June 2, 2017

Daily Prompt: The Brass Trombone

Feldbrunnen 07.10 (21)

After a climb to the top of the hill I decided to rest on a bench. I had reached the local castle and heard voices in the grounds. A brass band was assembled, but not playing, They were taking a pause. It was then I saw the trombone. I suppose there is a problem if you are not playing it, what do you do with it. This enterprising musician put it on the top of the stone wall. This was an invitation to a photo: a trombone resting on the middle aged walls of a castle. Trombones did not even exist when the castle was built, it was probably all harpsichord and lute at that time.

I sat for a while on the bench, the musicians finished their break, packed their instruments together and went home. And the trombone? Yes, that was the problem, it was still there. It had been forgotten. As I could not play the trombone I did want to take it home, but I could not leave this trombone on its own on the wall. It looked like rain and a wet trombone would not be so good.

I took it from the wall and walked into the castle.

“Hello” I said to the lady looking after things “it seems one of the musicians has forgotten his trombone.”

“The musicians have gone home and no-one seemed to be missing a trombone.”

“Perhaps you could keep it in your office. I am sure the musician will realise he has forgotten it when he arrives home.”

“I don’t remember any of the musicians having a trombone, it was a string quartett.”

I was puzzled as I definitely saw a brass band in the grounds of the castle.

“Then perhaps you had a brass band playing last week.”

“We have no brass bands at our castle. They would be far too brassy.”

The trombone was now laying heavy in my arms.

“What shall I do with the trombone?” I asked.

“Put it back where you found it.”

A year later the trombone was still laying on the wall at the castle. I mentioned it at the castle and to a few people I knew that took walks to the castle. They looked at me mysteriously. “What trombone?”, “There is no trombone there”. On my way home a year later from a walk to the castle I met a man, who seemed to be looking for something.

“Have you seen my trombone?”

“There is one on the castle wall.”

“Yes, there it is” and he took it under his arm, walked through the wall and disappeared. Today there is no trombone laying on the wall of the castle.

Daily Prompt: The brass trombone

Good Morning

Iris 27.05 (2)

Funny things are happening in my garden. This is the usual show I have of iris for the last 15 years at least. The iris plantation has grown over the years and in May they are at their most. This year we have one single flower, just one and the remains are green leaves. It is now too late to hope for more. I really do not know why. It cannot be the builders, because they operate on the other side of the garden. I cannot blame it on my cat as she does not appreciate colours and it is not edible.

Hostas 31.05 (2)

On the other hand my hosta leaves are expanding to gigantic sizes within a few weeks. I blame it all on the climate changes and it is really about time that they do something about it. If this continues our house will be engulfed in hosta leaves and you will need a machete to get to the front door.

I try to avoid politics on my blog, as there are enough others that can do it better than I can and as far as Switzerland is concerned, it is almost only the Swiss that know that we also have politics. But yesterday I saw a guy that calls himself president telling everyone that he knows it all better. I saw him standing at a little desk in front of his big white home in the garden telling everyone how he is protecting his people with his new decision. What amused me were the garden chairs with about 50 people sitting on them in rows (do not know the exact number) all listening to what he was saying and clapping in the right places and cheering when he told everyone of his newest “I had a dream” ideas. I was just wondering who are these people. It reminded me of North Korea where Kim whatever only allows the right people to assemble when something happens, so that they can clap or cry according to the news. You never see the others – you just have to choose the right people at the right time. So enough of politics.

It is Friday, and we have an important strategic mission to complete: the week-end shopping. The cloud list has been established, although not completed. We have another one of those long week-ends in front of us. This time Monday is a holiday for Whit Monday. It is a funny holiday really, because no-one seems to know why. Some do, if they bother to go to church, but the others just enjoy the day not having to do anything, but doing what they want to. My only problem is buying food for Monday as well, as all the shops will be closed on Monday. At least our builders will not be working, so it should be a quiet day.

Renovation 31.05 (2)

They have now progressed to the next stage of their Cristo similar artistic designs. The bare brick effect is now being covered with specially constructed bricks. At last we have reached the quiet part of the work and hear only light taps to fix it to the wall. This part of the job will probably take a few weeks to cover everything. I am glad that the noisy part of the work is now finished. I am slowly becoming a building expert. According to one of our experts, who lives here, it is all being done according to the newest norms. I hope they do not change these norms often, otherwise someone who will not be mentioned might decide to put it to another vote about having it all redone again to even better norms.

And now I will go, before the next deluge (I mean rainy deluge) arrives. We are living in uncertain times at the moment.