Daily Prompt: No rush, just do it in portions


Today I only do things in portions. There was a time when I would go to work to a paid job and the rest had to be fitted in at home. Now I am a golden oldie and can do it when  I feel like it, although I soon discovered that is not the ideal solution. This is mainly due to the fact that to be quite honest, I never feel like anything.

The ideal life would be to get up in the morning, eat breakfast and afterwards perhaps go for a walk, or read a book. If life gets boring you can always play with the computer. Unfortunately things do not happen like that. Of course I could forget the housework. It will do itself if I do not, but I would eventually get the reputation of being a messy, the place might begin to smell, so in my new found life doing what I wanted to do was not the solution,

Windows have to be cleaned, and although you may think me overdoing it, I clean my windows once every two weeks. I have an east side and a west side to the appartment. On the photo you can see the west side. Admittedly it looks as if we are under siege at the moment, but this is due to the renovation of the facade of the appartment building. I clean one side of the appartment’s windows weekly, meaning each window is cleaned every two weeks. I have a super system, Swiss based. Just a drop of the cleaning fluid on the window cleaning gadget, up and down on the window pane and afterwards wipe it away with the scraper.  Perhaps a wipe over with a clean cloth afterwards in the corners. This window front takes me about 30-40 minutes because I am a portion housewife. I do it regularly and so no big deal.

However the builders have now destroyed my easy cleaning sessions because of the dirt and dust from the demolition. Everything that is done on the upper floors is subject to gravity and eventually arrives on the ground floor outside in the garden. A further prolem is that they took my metal blinds away outside. Yesterday we had a thunder storm and this morning the righthand window was full of muddy spashes from the rain. The others were protected by the overhanging balcony from the next floor.

I just had a look at the other side of the appartment, the east side and discoverd that they were full of muddy spashes as on this side there is no overhanging balcony. So much for my portion theory.

I just cleaned the shower. Generally I do that one on Wednesday afternoon – a half hour job, but yesterday I was really not in the mood, so what did Mrs. Angloswiss do this afternoon – she cleaned the shower.  Tomorrow is a portion free day – week-end shopping in the supermarket and Saturday and Sunday I have no portions, exept to feed the family.

Sometimes I have a feeling that I am doing something wrong, but I will continue with my portion theory until the bitter end. What else does a golden oldie have to keep her fit?

Daily Prompt: No rush, just do it in portions

Good Morning


Not a very spectacular photo, but yesterday night it rained, just once, the whole night through. We also had some light effects and accompanying noise from the storm.  Our cat Tabby was making herself comfortable on a chair outside on the porch and suddenly changed her mind, deciding to spend the night indoors. We had been expecting the big storm for a few days, but it could not make up its mind. Grey skies, almost black, were suddenly chased away by the sun, but now it has happened. We are not sorry, the garden always needs water, but the water we use from our hose is an expensive commodity and we are always glad when it falls downwards from above.

Road to Langendorf 31.05 (4)

On the way home from the supermarket yesterday morning, we saw this object on the road when driving. I was glad I was not driving, I had done my bit driving to the supermarket and it was now Mr. Swiss turn at the steering wheel on the way home. What could it be – a body bag, a piece of luggage dropped off a bicycle, as it was laying in the bicycle lane of the road. The mystery was soon solved.

Road to Langendorf 31.05 (5)

Yesterday was the garden rubbish collection, and being organised Swiss, we have special containers. When they are emptied, they are light weight. There was a light wind blowing and one had arrived in the middle of the road.

At the moment in our local town of Solothurn we are the literture days. There are various events where well known authors are invited, mainly Swiss, to give readings from their books, but also other popular authors from Europe, to give a talk. It all happens in a large building on the River Aar, known as “Landhaus”, the large building on the right in the photo.

Registry Office Wedding Solothurn, Oliver and Franzi

This has taken place every year for many years. I visited the occasion last year as there was a workshop with various book translaters and I wanted to see how they worked. It was a little disappointing as they were just sitting at computers doing what I do at home, writing their translations. There was also a conference where I made a short visit. There were a couple of translaters, mainly American, just reading passages from their translations and no opportunity to actually make direct contact with them, as they were all sitting on one side of the room, a little disappointing.

So yesterday it seems that a female professor from the literature days crossed the road when the light was red, in front of a waiting police car, at the main Solothurn railway station and she was fined. The problem is that the police find pedestrians are guilty themselves of being a danger on the streets and also interrupting the traffic. Just a silly small story, but it made headlines here because it was one of the literature people and we do not have a lot of world news happening in our little market town. You can drive through it and not even notice you had been there. If you visit Solothurn in the evening when the literature days are happening, you notice there is a completely different public in town, not the usual locals, but those bringing a breath of fresh “something completely different” air into the town.

And now I must move on, I have spent enough time on this computer this morning. Enjoy the day