Photo Challenge: Friend?

Tabby and Roschti 31.05 (3)

Friend? I am not so sure about that, felines do not have friends, just enemies, or others that you keep at a distance. For example our Tabby, at the front of the photo, is keeping an eye on Roschti, the neighbours cat, sitting on a pile of covering material left by the builders. Tabby is suspicious.

“What are the intentions of Roschti? Is he trying out my territory for a takeover? It was only yesterday that he left his mark on that material – I saw it and smelt it. On the other hand perhaps he is just trying to see how far he can go. He is looking in a different direction, playing cool. I will keep my eye on the situation. Never trust a feline, I should know. Mrs. Human stay here, I might need re-inforcements if he decides to attack.”

The problem is that the word “friend” does not exist in meow, just “mine”, and “I me and myself”. There is a new phrase “cats first” but they borrowed that from a human.

Photo Challenge: Friend?

5 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Friend?

  1. I often tell people I am a wholly owned subsidiary of feline inc. The two cats that live here, Emperor Sir Wattlesbutt SR, and Emperor Sir wattlesbutt JR are quite sure they not only own the place, but have rights over the human occupants as well. They are quite bossy and when they do decide to reward a human for good service in providing food and clean cat boxes, the reward does seem to require more effort and work from the human. I seem to have lost control and use of my pillows that I used to have under my head at night. Now the majority of the space on them is conquered territory by a certain ruler cat. The indignant hisses and the ear shattering howls that arise if I try to reclaim my pillows make it much safer to just steal Ron’s from him. 🙂 Hugs

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    • They never forgot that in the old country they were not only worshipped as gods, but were gods. What can a mere human do to change this. We must accept the fact that we are just slaves for such masters and look upon the emptying of the litter as an honor. They do not have opposable thumb but it is not necessary. The purpose in a human life is to use the tin opener for them. We should be thankful that we are allowed to fulfill their wishes.

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