Good Morning

Firebug nymphs 29.05 (4)

The first notable insects I usually see in my garden, usually already in April, are the fire bugs. This year there were none, so I decided it was because the noise of the builders kept them away. Yesterday I was pottering around on my garen bed where a few bulbs were now dwindling, having served their time as flowers, and noticed that they were back. Tiny little fire bugs scuttering around in the earth, thinking about their purpose in life. I believe these are the so called nymphs, the babies, with a few adults in between, taking their first steps. These insects have never bothered me. They do no great damage, and I believe their main diet is based on seeds and perhaps a few roots. When the mating season begins you see them walking around as pairs attached at the tail end for a week or so – what a life.

Otherwise life goes on. We thought there would be storms and rain yesterday, but only some noise in the mountains, although one part of Switzerland did get a flood, but no big deal to make the international news.

Renovation 30.05 (1)

Life goes on in our world of building, but not as noisy as it was. I could just hear light tapping yesterday and a little bit of drill in between, but nothing worth mentioning. I went on a photo safari to see if there was anything worth a photo and discovered that the buiders were now working on the small tunnel on the path next to our part of the block. They had already begun to stick the next layer on the now bare brick walls so things are progressing. They are probably finishing this part first of all as it is the path most people use to get to the other side, just like the chicken that crossed the road.

I mentioned to one of the builders yesterday about the pile of felt covers still laying on the meadow opposite and added that one particular cat uses it as a marking ground and otherwise insects are finding it a very good breeding place. If it would rain then who knows what might develop. However it seems I was speaking to the wrong person as this material belonged to the people working on the roof. I had not seen a roof worker for at least two days, but he assured me they are still alive somewhere. However, he will pass on my words to his chief. I also added that it seems wasps were taking an interest in our window frames and hopping in and out of the places where there were once screws. He assured me that would be dealt with today.

Otherwise life goes on. Today is a shopping day, a change of scenery is always positive, even if it is a supermarket.

My usual finish to my supermarket visit is to take a few photos of the newest plant arrivals in the gardening department. Yesterday I noticed they were watering their plants.

Migros Watering Trough 29.05.2017

They have a very good system. There is a trolley with a connection to the water so they can push it to the plants (and do not have to carry the plants to a sink separately), put the plants into the water and the job is done. I could do with something like that at home. It is very practical. In the background you can see part of the department with part of their selection. It at the entrance/exit to the mall and outside they also have some plants. Mr. Swiss patiently waits whilst I take a few photos.

May your day be a good one.

2 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I used to have a tiny hose that I attached to my faucet so i could water the plants I had. That was when I had so many plants, the house looked like a nursery. Now, i don’t have enough plants to make it worth the effort and it has been so gray all the time, that a little bit of water is lasting a VERY long time. Nothing seems to dry out, even after a couple of weeks. But they do make those hoses and if you have a lot of plants, it might be worth it. When I had a couple of hundred plants, it was a blessing!

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    • Sounds like a good idea. I could have used something like that. Some years ago. I only have three indoor plants now. I used to have my orchids that had finished flowering hoping they would flower again but they never did, so I got rid of them. I now have a small watering can for my plants. Yesterday a storm broke our dry days outside with light effects and thunder.


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