Good Morning

Alps 28.05 (1)

Start the day with a view of the Bernese Alps from where I live, actually just up the road. To get this view from my garden I would have to stand on a chair and it is not always so perfectly clear. I shot this photo from the local castle.

Yesterday evening we had dark clouds and were expecting rain, we even heard thunder in the distance, but it did not happen. There were a few drips of rain but nothing more and this morning we have a clear morning. A different troop of buiders have just arrived, with a lady, but they are still playing around with the balconies where they removed the railings yesterday. I said to Mr. Swiss we see more and more ladies on the building sights today.


What disturbs me at the moment is this mound of fabric in front of my garden. They are brown thick felt covers, used to cover the garden when the builders are throwing the discarded pieces of material from the top floors. This is OK, but that part of the work is long finished. Since one of the local cats has adopted it as a place to mark his territory. It has been rained on after the intense sun and I am wondering what sort of insect life is now developing in this mound. I have a feeling this has been forgotten and I will mention it.

Of course in Summer you see more flies and other insects flying around with striped pullovers, probably wasps. It is normal, but this year they seem to be bigger and more developed. Yesterday whilst I was working on one of my prize suspicious blogs a wasp flew into the room and buzzed around and he was big. I managed to manoever him out of the room to be replaced with something else that buzzed. This was a large fly, probably known as bluebottle. Alas he lives no more – had a meeting with a fly swatter and the swatter won the battle.


Just to show that this is a live report from our place somewhere on a building site in Switzerland, here you see an action photo. Mr. Swiss was sitting outside enjoying the morning air and suddenly a builder appeared and called to his colleague on a top floor. It was then that this object arrived. The builder upstairs on the balcony was holding this metal part of the above balcony to steady it for his colleague below. At least they were not throwing this down from the top floor. The builder in our garden was very careful not to harm any of our plants. Every day a new experience from the building site. This front protection of the balconies has to be replaced, as according to the new norms, they are not high enough.

And now to move on. There is a bathroom to be cleaned and I am also still dressed in my Maroccan kaftan which is very useful as a dressing gown.

See you around, there might be a few more photos to take in the meanwhile.

I will leave you with a photo of our house mountain, Weissenstein, complete with it restaurant at the top.

Road to Langendorf 29.05 (1)

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