Daily Prompt: Just Buffing around

Oh come on WordPress Daily Prompt people, are you serious? Do you really think I can write an epic blogging entry all about “buff”. I have a feeling that someone was sleeping on the one word job today, like not really knowing what button to press . Ok, he got a result “buff”, or perhaps it was a she. After searching in Internet I found the meaning of the word. I know I am stupid, a golden oldie, the brain cells are dying and not being replaced. That is what happens at a certain time in life and definitely in death. They say the brain cells are the only cells that cannot be replaced, but they are wrong. What about my action cells, the ones that help me to move. They stopped being replaced a long while ago. However as long as I can get to my computer and apply my fingers to the keyboard, all is not lost.

So what are we actually talking about?

We can have a garment made of buff leather. I think this must be uncomfortable in the hot summer weather, sticking to the skin. Perhaps we could  begin a new fashion, but I am sure we will be scratching in all the wrong places.

So we shift to the next meaning: the state of being nude. Of course I am nude beneath my  clothing, buff all over, but sun worshipping by golden oldies is not really wished for and we do not want the vice squad invading the offices of WordPress for the application of the word “buff”.

It can also be a moderate orange yellow colour.

Orange coffee

However, let us not forget a device having a soft absorbent surface (as of cloth) by which polishing material is applied. I do not even buff up my shoes today, they are all sneakers made of fabric. I remember in the far away days when Mr. Swiss was a tie person in the office (actually he kept the tie in the desk in case he might need it), he always cleaned his own leather shoes for the office and I am sure he “buffed” them up before wearing them.

And let us not forget the volunteer firefighters in New York City around 1820 that always wore buff overcoats. For this reason a person that loved to go to fires was known as a buff.

Ok, I got all my information from the Miriam Webster dictionary, because I was too lazy to think up something myself. Really WordPress, you can do better. I think the only reason I am bothering today, is because I do not have anything better to do with my time.

Oh, and have you noticed? The grid was not working for this unforgettable word, although I just had a check and discovered that there are three brave pingbacks showing, The usual suspects, and now including me – have nothing better to do with my time.

Chickens 28.05 (1)

This chicken is definitely looking for a “buff”.

Daily Prompt: Just Buffing around

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