Good Morning

Roschti 27.05.2017

Yesterday Mr. Swiss called me to come and take a photo. I was busy doing something on my computer and it is a rare occasion when I get a photo invite from Mr. Swiss. I was in one of my slow phases yesterday, but decided it must be worth a photo when Mr.Swiss calls, as he knows I am generally taking photos all the time. It seems the neighbour’s cat, Roschti had found a comfortable place on the covering materials piled up by the builders opposite our garden on the meadow.

It really was a great photo. He reminded me of one of th lions at the base of the Nelson statue in Trafalgar Square in London. He has adopted this material as his own it seems. Only last week he made a territorial marking on it, which I also photographed and which the builders did not notice.

But who is Roschti? Apart from being the arch enemy of Tabby, my feline, he has lived here for many years and is about the same age as our feline, 15 years. He arrived with a neighbour who moved into one of the appartments. Apparently Roschti’s origins were in part of the town of Solothurn. When Roschti moved in he took over. The lady where he lived said he actually belonged to her daughter, but she had moved away and left Roschti. He was a wanderer, always to be seen during the day. This was mainly because he was often locked out when his owner was not there. I remember him spending many nights outside. If he was not at home in the evening then he was left outside. Eventually his owner moved to another flat in town, not so far away, and as felines are, he came back persistently to his old haunts. She had to fetch him often.

There was another couple in an appartment almost next to mine, that would look after him and after a few discussions, they adopted him and so Roschti stayed, much to the disapproval of my feline.  They even renamed him with the name of Kimberly, but for me he remained Roschti. This all happened many years ago, but Roschti now had a good home, although he was only there when hungry. You would still see him everywhere in our area. Now the appartment where he is based is also being completed renovated and is for a few weeks uninhabited, and so my neighbour is now taking care of him. She makes sure that he does not go hungry and Roschti is quite happy.  He is really proof that a feline does not really belong to people, he just puts up with them. It is the place and accustomed surroundings that a feline really needs. I also have to be careful and keep an eye on him because the feline that owns me, Tabby, has her food bowl in front of our kitchen window-door which is often open. Of course Roschti knows this, and often pays a visit to an extra food ration through the window.

Today we have one of those wonderful sunny days with the warm weather, approaching a heat wave. The morning is quite comfortable, but it can get very hot during the afternoon. We have two weather zones in our appartment. The back garden has full sun all day, but the front garden only has sun in the morning which is very pleasant for the afternoon, especially as I have my computer on that side of the appartment and can write my blogs in a cooler climate. I am not addicted to the computer, although you might think so – or am I? In the morning I write my Good Morning blog taking about half an hour, accompanied by my breakfast. Then I am finished with the computer until mid afternoon. I usually switch off my computer early evening (there is always an iPad) and in the evening prefer to read.

I am not a computer addict, just like to have fun. I try to avoid writing stuff on Facebook, just do crosspostings on my Angloswiss community page from WordPress for those that might follow me there. I cannot understand how some people seem to write a continuous diary of what they do all day on Facebook, but everyone to their own comfortable places. Who knows, perhaps some may think the same of my efforts on WordPress.

I will now move on to my normal life and put my computer to rest for a few hours. Even my feline is sleeping outside on the porch. See you around some time later, enjoy the day.

Flowering bushes 25.05 (4)

3 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Garry also only uses his computer in the morning. After that, he’s into other stuff. I don’t have a lot of other stuff to do these days, but if the weather would dry up, I think that problem would be solved soon enough. The constant cold and damp is not doing anyone’s gripey old body any favors! Nor the roses, either.

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    • I just have to organise my day to get everything done. Since I have my new iPad with largest capacity, I can do a lot in between with no stress which is a great time saver. We now have fantastic summer weather, althought I only venture for a walk in the evening when it cools down.


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