Flower of the Day: 28.05.2017 Asian Peony with Rose Chafer

Rose Chafer 28.05 (4)

I have many photos of flowers – usually take them when in the garden department of the supermarket, they always have so many examples you do not find in your own garden.

However today I have a photo I took today in the garden. It seems that the rose chafer is attracted to my Asian peony. Actually this peony grew from a seed from the mother plant, so I am especially proud of it.

It is not the peony with the filled flowers, but plain and simple, although as it gets older its flower seem to develop in size. I noticed that this peony had a visitor today, so this photo was a must.

I just love those bright and shiny rose chafer, I call them the kamikaze bugs of nature. They seem to be slightly short sighted, and I often find one stunned on the ground where it has flown into my window. They also make quite a nose when hitting the glass pane. The roses in my garden are not yet flowering, so the bugs are biding their time on the peony and this one was quite active. He even had an ant for company. The peonies are finishing with their flowers and the beginnings of the seeds are now appearing.

Flower of the Day: 28.05.2017 Asian Peony with Rose Chafer

5 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 28.05.2017 Asian Peony with Rose Chafer

    • How ridiculous. The lady in the gardening department at the till once asked why I was taking photos. I immediately said if it was a problem I would stop, but I need them for my computer group. She said “no problem” her boss just wanted to know because he saw me. Since they greet me very friendly, even by name.Now and again I might purchase something, so no problem.


  1. I had one of these in the garden of my mountain home in California. She was a beautiful pinkish red. I have four peonies in my garden now and it looks like this year I’m going to get one bloom. They always get frosted — but now I have covers so next year it should be better for them — and me. One of them has six buds. That would have been beautiful.

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    • I find them very reliable flowers, they appear every year and if you leave the seed pods you might get lucky and a new one will begin to grow. We call them Pfingstrosen (Whit Roses) in German as they tend to flower at Whitsun.

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      • I will be covering mine next spring. I love peonies and they have consistently done their best to bloom in spite of the fact that we get several hard freezes even after they’ve put out their buds.


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