Daily Prompt: Summer is almost here


I think the human is never satisfied. We all survived the Winter with the cold temperatures, ice and snow and at last the real hot summer is arriving, after a doubting spring, that was not too sure what it really wanted to do. I already had my avocado mini trees in a pot outside. The elder of the two just stopped growing and was puzzled. It had already produced the beginnings of new leaves, and spring did not spring as it should, accompanied by nights with frost on the ground. My second avocado was only born last winter inside and dwindled, losing all the promise of new leaves.

Avocado 27.05 (1)

However they fought through these weather attacks and the more expeprienced avocado is now sprouting as if nothing had happened. I was convinced that my new avocado had been stifled at birth, but no, only yesterday I noticed a new growth of leaves.

In the meanwhile the sun is radiating as usual and now we begin to curse, find it a nuiscance. Walks are not comfotable, with the sun beating down constantly. Mr. Swiss attempted a walk this morning but returned after only ten minutes, finding the heat unbearable. I do not even attempt to go anywhere during the day, but prefer to wait until the evening for my walks when it cools down.

Of course we have taken precautions, not really we, but Mr. Swiss. He decided on a new sun blind  for outside to shield us from the radiation of the sun rays. Our last sun blind died a slow death last year as it somehow lost the connection when folded up. I actually found that having a scaffolding in front of the terrace did ward off the sun somewhat, but it is Swiss nature to have a sun blind, protecting us from the  harmful influence of the sun’s rays.

Sun Blind

Personally I do not really need a new sun blind because I no longer sit on that side of the appartment, it is too hot outside. I prefer the cooler part of the appartment facing East. That is where I have my computers and I can open the window, let fresh air in and there is no sun, just shade. However for the experts emongst us I am sure you are convinced that even this method would cause an increase in inside temperatures, resulting in hot uncomforable nights.

I must admit that my body termperature neither stores, or radiates so much heat. At the moment I am quite comfortable.

I suppose growing up in London made me sun hungry. The only rays that managed to get into our back yard had to battle their way through brick dust and other impurities. I am one of those lucky people that have no problem with sun burn. I have quite a nice tan when in the real sun for a while. I noticed this from various hoidays in warmer countries, and my summers in  Switzerland are always accompanied with a white mark on my wrist from my watch strap. What more could you want?

Today I no longer seek the sun, must be a golden oldie thing. I do not need it, but it does not bother me so much. I sit at my desk with my lap top on the shady side of the appartment, open window in front of me letting in the fresh air and am quite comfortable.

Radiation? Not here, Switzerland decided to do away with nucler power plants a couple of weeks ago in a referendum, although it will probably take about 30 years to achieve. In the meanwhile they will continue to radiate, we will search for an alternative energy source which will probably be very expensive, but we will survive. Perhaps not our bank account, but in 30 years I will be passed caring. And then Donald Trump will also be 100 years old, so we will all be past caring.

Shadows 27.05 (2)

Daily Prompt: Summer is almost here

5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Summer is almost here

  1. We have SO many nuclear plants in this valley, I can’t even count them all … and getting rid of them is a serious problem since there’s nowhere on earth where they are willing to store the old uranium rods. Building them was the easy part. Getting rid of them? Maybe never entirely.

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    • It is a very slow process. We have been following the development of the refendum in Switzerland and the majority voted to get rid of them, but it was clear that it cannot be done in only a couple of years and the alternatives are expensive. On the other hand Switzerland might become nuclear free, but we have a massive collection of nuclear power plants all along the Swiss borders in France – so what is the point.


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