Good Morning


No, this photo is not of the slums of Switzerland, but my back porch, kitchen entrance on the left. The only living thing feeling comfortable there now is Tabby the cat. She has the ability to feel comfortable everywhere. We have bare brick walls and a mini table with just two chairs, because there is not room for more due to renovation work on the building. And now there is a ring at the door, must be the postman, he only rings once but very clear. Must be a special delivery.

Special Delivery

Yes. it was my MS injection medicine. It is a super system. I have a lady who deals with it for me, who is also a nurse. I just give her a call and tell her I need a new supply. We organise on which day it should be delivered, and she does the rest. This morning the postman arrived with my supply, all packed in boxes with refrigeration. In Winter it arrives in a normal parcel, but in Summer it has to be kept cool and so it is delivered in these special boxes with ice packs. When I unpack them the postman picks them up the next day, although usually I unpack them straight away and he can take them back on the same day.

Special Delivery

This is the actual size of the parcel with the injection units. I usually order a supply for three months, meaning I now have enough until end August. We have even organised a fridge in my laundry room to keep it in one place as otherwise there would not be enough room. Refrigerators are no longer so expensive as they used to be and I certainly do not consider it as a luxury. In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss has now nicely dealt with it all, so back to the blog.

Today is another day of peace and quiet from the builders due to the week-end. It is just like it used to be (except for the scaffolding in front of the window). We have wonderful summer weather at the moment, just blue skies.

I have no plans  just a little bit of housework, a little bit of cooking and a little bit of reading. I finished my novel yesterday “The Burning Page” by Genevieve Cogman, the third in The Invisible Library series. I am really enjoying these books about alternative worlds, Faes and Dragons. The central figure is Irene a spy for the Invisible Library who’s job is to track down very rare books and her colleague is Kai, who happens to be a dragon, but can also look like any human being unless called for his special dragon properties. I love these books. The series is composed of 4 books and I have just read Book No. 3. I do not like reading the same series continuously, so in between read something else.

I have now began a book recommended by my WordPress friend Marilyn Armstrong The Far Arena by Richard Ben Sapir. Have read the first few pages on my Kindle, and it looks promising. We tend to share the same taste in literature.

And now to move on leaving you with a somewhat more positive photo of the day. Have a great week-end everyone – see you later.

Road to Langendorf 26.05 (3)

2 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I am also rereading it, probably the fourth or fifth time over the years. It has been a while, now, probably at least 10 years and i had forgotten how gripping it is. A good book has saved my life more than once. When I was really sick, the one thing I desperately needed (other than a really good cup of coffee!), were books. It was better than pain killers. It took me away.

    It’s a good book in which to vanish for a while!

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    • I also find that losing yourself in a good book cures a lot of problems, as you can forget them better. It is too early to say yet, they have only just discovered the body, but it looks promising.


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