Daily Prompt: Diffusion or Infusion?

Hostas 2017

This afternoon I took a walk around my front garden with my camera and my mobile telephone camera to find an infusion of good ideas to write something. It is not that I have neglected my front garden, but it was a dangerous place to be for a while. There were workmen tossing parts of the facade of our building onto  the ground from higher places and eventually the roof workers arrived. Piles of tiles assembled themselves in the garden, which were removed on the same day. The balconies above are no longer becaue they too will be replaced. Everything is getting a new makeover and during the process becoming life threatening.

After lunch today I sank into my bed for a golden oldie rest and into oblivion. Infusions would no loger help. It would be so ideal to discover the fountain of youth. It does not really have to be youth I suppose, because golden oldies have their own charm. Just a little more fitness, ability to stand up normally from a chair.

Sun lounger

Yesterday was a wonderful evening, but I was too tired to take a walk, so I made myself comfortable in the sun bed on the porch with a book. Now this is not an easy operation, but I succeeded. It is a matter of positioning yourself in the right place at the right time and lowering carefully onto the seat. All the needed articles should be on a nearby surface. Once sitting/laying on the chair it is easy to reach over for your Kindle (I do not to books – too heavy and inconvenient) and perhaps some sort of snack. In my case a packet of potato chips/crisps. What could be better? I spent the best part of an hour relaxing outside in the fresh air and then it was time for East Enders, the only TV programme I really bother to watch. It is pure soap, but it is based in the East End of London, my home town. It was then I encountered a problem.

Making myself comfortable on the sun bed was easy, but gettiing out of it was a little more complicated. I decided to think it over. I reflected on the exercises learned in my physio therapy. I should sit as far as possible on the edge of the chair which facilitatated standing. First of all I had to manoever myself to the edge of the chair. I discovered that the balance of my body versus the chair was not ideal, but with a push I was sitting. Now for the standing part. Any fool can stand up, but this fool found that the floor was too near for such an exercise. I grabbed my cane and gave it a push. The first time this did not work, but five minutes later I was again standing. What happened in beween is not worth talking about. I hobbled into the TV room and managed to sit down again and decided no way would I sit in that evil sunbed again, It had transformed itself in some sort of body diffusing monster.

Infusion, diffusion, any sort of fusion is no longer my sort of thing.

Hostas 2017

Daily Prompt: Diffusion or Infusion?

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Diffusion or Infusion?

  1. I love your description of getting up from the sun bed. It is something people with our physical condition must deal with a lot. I dislike low chairs and sofas. I often need an assistance to get up from them. Be well. Hugs

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    • It is the lower chairs that bring the problems. My physio therapist gave me a few good ideas for on the way, but the idea is to practice the various exercises and I am just too lazy.

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  2. When we got a little money from my father after he died, the one thing we did invest in was very comfortable furniture. It is reaching the point of needing to be replaced — or at least one piece does — but at least we now there is one place on earth we can sit and stand and not need sky hooks and extra help to extract us. What a huge change! We really wanted to live normally, but at this point, there IS no normally. There is just us and we do what we must. Whatever normal was, we are well past it these days. I’m thinking about getting out of bed and organizing my limbs, hoping to do it in one move and not need to call for help!

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    • I have managed to do it all by myself up to now with no calls for help, but yesterday I really thought I would need some. Mr. Swiss said I should have called him, but that would probably be “the blind leading the blind” as my mum always said. We have very good chairs indoors, known as stressless. They are a Norwegian creation and adapt to the position you need, either sitting up or laying back. They were more expensive than the usual, but well worth the money. We have had them a couple of years now and they should last a long while.
      You really do not envisage such situations when you get older, at least I never did. You have the idea that everything stays the same until the grim reaper calls in.


  3. I can no longer sit or recline on lawn furniture…I can’t get back up by myself. I think about winning the lottery and making a huge purchase..of a recliner that lifts up to a standing position so I can sit in a “normal” chair.

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    • I love reclining of lawn furniture, no problem. The problems begin when I want to leave the furniture and they hug me so tight, it is almost impossible. We have something called stressless armchairs indoors. They reline and go into the upright position which is quite good, sometimes too good, as I never want to leave them. Something that goes to a standing position is available here, but usually for those that are wheelchair bound, and I am not yet there.


  4. I sit for a really long time before I stand. It’s an organizing exercise. I think about which parts of me need to do what and try to get everything in order. Sometimes, Garry thinks I’m never getting up. I point out I’m working on it. He doesn’t really get it.

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    • Yesterday was one of those days when I only wanted to sit, actually lay. I was too tired to do anything. All I really wanted to do was sleep. When there is stuff to do Mr. Swiss tells me not to rush and take my time. I do see the funny side of it as the word “rush” is no longer in my vocabulary.


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