Good Morning

There are peonies and peonies, but this peony is one of mine, a so-called Asian peony. The flowers are not filled like the usual peonies, but make a wonderful show. This is not even my original plant, but grew from seeds which found their way in the garden from the original plant, a little on the left out of the picture.

Today is a public holiday in Switzerland for Ascension Day. This means no-one is working and some places also make Friday a holiday for their workers. We are amongst the lucky ones, not because we are golden oldies and every day is a holiday, but our builders have been granted this holiday and will now be gone until next Monday. This means no decibel limits of noise and no dragons with flame throwers sealing things by heat. To celebrate we hosed down our porch yesterday to remove the layer of dust everywhere and today I will give a few windows an upgrade with the window cloth. Actually this morning I hear only water rushing over various front porches as everyone seems to have the same idea.

Talking of Windows upgrade, I got one last week from our computer windows company, Microsoft. They are really thinking of us when they do these things. The wanted to do it two weeks ago, but I was still thinking about it and the second time I decided there will be no escape. Their Creator extension was allowed to perform on my computer. It took a while, but ran smoothly and afterwards I got a nice explanation telling me about all the new toys I was getting. I had a quick look and decided I did not want or need new toys. I even have a litte open envelope icon in my task bar now with the new e-mail heading “relevant”. I think I can sort this myself, but it does not interest me. I have outlook and that is where my mails are, I do not need any relevants. I usually check my mails on my iPad in any case.

However I have noticed that my CC Cleaner (which used to be the Crap Cleaner) tells me there is an update. I did this update, but it is not the good old button pressing, fast new update – no. You get a programme to perform the update, at least in Chrome. I have Chrome, I want Chrome and do not intend to stop using Chrome. However, after doing the necessary my virus programme objected to this new update and I was getting a complaining window everytime I wanted to close my computer. Mr. Swiss to the rescue, he found the irritating files and got rid of them. Avira, my anti virus programme, no longer complains, but I do. I am now repeatedly told that my CC Cleaner is not the newest version and I get a little window to perform an update. I do not pay for CC Cleaner, I have the free version. I am annoyed. I feel like I am  being forced into something.

Up to now I have no advantage from this new Creator update. It seems I can get lots of new games free or cheaper as a sideline. I do not want games. I play my games on the iPad or not at all.

Yesterday I wanted to upload a new book on my Kindle via Amazon on the computer. They told me I should have a new password. It is all so easy, I can ask for one and get one by e-mail and change it to something I want. I want my old password. Anyhow I uploaded the book I wanted direct on my Kindle, avoiding Amazone, which I often do, so no new password yet.

I am 70 years old, like to relax on my computer and I do not need this. It is all in the name of safety I supposed. I had a cheering up session on a Swiss programme yesterday where they highlighted the fact that when “someone’s time has come” (my dad always used that expression) not only is there now a problem with the last will and testament and tying up the pieces, but a problem with all the various computer sites the deceased belonged to. Many surviving dependants are left with the problem of finding where the deceased hung out on the computer. So remember everyone, leave your passwords in a list somewhere. Apparently Facebook discovered they now have more dead people than living on their files.

And on this happy note I will go further. I have nothing that I have to do, only what I want to do. It is a nice summer day and I will take it easy.

Road to Langendorf 24.05 (7)

9 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I received that notice about the Microsoft upgrade. I hit ‘snooze.’ Not ready to go into the unknown. I am quite happy with how my computer runs now. What sort of surprises are in store for me?

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  2. I refused to get Windows 10 – had literally to kill it….. uninstall although it was never installed in the first place. But somewhere deeply hidden the ‘seed’ was planted. I’m SO GLAD I never had it as my Windows 7 is doing just fine…

    LOVE your beautiul peonies. You know that they are called Pfingstrosen in CH and mine here in France were blooming their dear hearts out in March – for a full 10 days, over 100 blooms the size of a child’s head – since then nothing – but NOW the other, more ordinary peonies are popping their tender ‘shells’ and promising dark red & soft pink blooms of the ‘lesser’ kind…. Oh the joy of it all.

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    • I have absolutely no problem with Wndows 10 basically. It is the updates they continuously feel they should do, probably to earn money. Windows 7 was the best up to Windows 10, but one day that will also no longer be supported by microsoft. I have leaned over the years with the computer that you cannot ignore the new developments, but you can adapt them to your needs.

      Yes, the Pfingstrosen have bee blossoming in my world for the past month: The first to arrived were the filled flowers, and now I have the Asian peonies. In their simplicity and size I prefer them.


    • I noticed that because I got a friendship request and we are already friends. Mine got hacked once. My son noticed it before I did and reported it to Facebook. What annoyed me was the panick some of my friends had.


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