Good Morning


There is nothing more romantic than waking in the morning and finding a gas canister in front of the bedroom window. Yesterday I heard the sounds of a flame thrower outside and discovered the workmen have a new surprise. They are welding dark pieces of black plastic lookalike to the wall. It is a waterproof protection.

The gas canister has now got nearer, and I have visions of gas explosions – you never know. Thank goodness tomorrow is a national holiday in Switzerland for Ascension Day and everything is closed. We will have a day of silence from pneumatic whatever and blowtorch dragons. Some places in Switzerland also close down on Friday to make a long week-end, but I am convinced builders are not included. They will be back on Friday to continue their programme of disturbance. I almost forgot the holiday, being a golden oldie, as these things no longer have the importance they used to have. Every day is now a holiday – more or less.

And what will the Angloswiss family be doing tomorrow to celebrate? We will be at home enjoying the peace and quiet and abscence of builders. They have now boarded up the balconies above as they floors will be replaced by new tiles and the protective banisters are going to be replaced by higher banisters to meet the new modern normalities. You might be asking “is this really necessary” and so are we. A few of the inhabitants believe that our building was crumbling, doomed to ruin after only 20 years. A coat of paint would have done the trick and a few repairs, but no. There are some amongst us that decided to have the place coated in gold and convinced others of the importance. There are some, like us, the golden oldies with life’s experience, that do not believe everything and objected, but those who had little faith and did not know what they were agreeing to, forced this complete, expensive, not necessary project upon us. The whole thing is assuming biblical proportions. There are advantage is not believing everything you are told. Slowly but surely our block where we live is becoming the joke of the village, I am sure.

So today we will be on a shopping trip as we have a close down tomorow – no shops open, or anything else. We never really go shopping on Thursday, so it does not make a big difference. Although I ordered my diabetes tablets yesterday  by phone to the chemists and will pick them up today. They do not stock them, but if I order them they have them the next day. I also ordered three months supply of my injections which will be delivered by special courier on Saturday morning.

And now to move on. I have a programme to complete. I was reminded yesterday that life goes on when a rose chafer decided to visit my asian peony. I love those chafers, with their shiny green shells. Unfortunately they tend to have kamikaze characteristics and often fly into my windows. I have to rescue the stunned bugs afterwards and replace them in the garden.

Rose Bug on Peony 23.05.2017

Enjoy the day, it can only get better – I am telling myself all the time.

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I’m in somewhat the same boat. My garage leaks. A stream of water comes through the roof when snow melts. Last year, some friends came out to see about fixing it and gave me an estimate ($3k+) for replacing the roof and repairing a wall they were sure was crumbling. I contacted my insurance company to see if it would be covered. Then, it being winter, the project was put aside and I closed the case with the insurance company. Here is spring and the money is in the bank. I let my friends know, thinking they’d come out and start work. They said, “Talk to your insurance company. This is a serious problem and maybe they’re going to pay for it.” They were hoping it would involve tearing down and replacing the garage ($15k+)

    Then I learned that the appraiser had sent back an estimate of under $1k.

    I told my friends, “This is a crappy garage. I’m not wealthy and the plumbing under my sink isn’t working properly. If it can be fixed for under $1k, that’s great.” BIG argument ensued. Then I thought, it’s my garage and my money. They could have shown up to work and gotten the whole $3k+ without my talking to my insurance company, but they were hoping for more $$ and the result of that I learned about the appraisal.

    They are young, in their 40s. It’s amazing how often younger people think older people are idiots. We had to get here, right? Survive this long? Solve problems, earn a living, raise kids etc. Sorry for the rant, but I thought of you and Mr. Swiss and the HUGE project your enduring now that is probably unnecessary (but interesting).

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    • We are just perplexed by certain people where we live. Most of them rent out the appartments and those that live here (not all) have either a nice villa somewhere as second home or move out to relatives because the complete appartment will also be refurbished at the same time as the facade. We got various offers for the work being done. At the beginning a more sensible offer was accepted, cheaper and really only the necessaries being done. This expensive offer then also arrived, but luckily common sense won and it was refused. Now various people are no longer here, moved away and a different committee decided let’s coat it all in gold and have now accepted the expensive version. We are four parties that were not overruled by this new idea of luxury, we do not need it. We noticed that because of our age we are not taken seriously, we are too old to make the correct decision. I am glad I am old, have perhaps 10 years to go, or even more – no-one knows, but thank goodness it will no longer be my responsibility for furture developments.
      I can understand your problems. Sometimes it seems because we are old we are also stupid and no-one believes us.

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  2. We have all had our go rounds with contractors. Bitten a few times and I am extremely cautious. Sometimes, you have no choice. There’s something that needs doing and no one else to do it … like the well. Otherwise, you find help where you find it and often for a lot less. But you, poor dear, are stuck in the middle of a mess you didn’t ask for and all you can do is endure until it’s over. While i feel your pain, I’m feeling mine, trying to figure out how to fix my crumbling front door before next winter comes and hits us again.

    It’s ALWAYS something, isn’t it?

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    • Our only alternative would have been to sell and either buy something else or rent. We are both too old for so much stress, so we decided to stick it out. Luckily it is not a financial problem for us, although we could think of better things to spend our savings on. It is the frustration and annoyance of having no other choice. And what comes next. In 20 years? Some idiot might have another idea, although I think I will then be too old to care.


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