Daily Prompt: Too old to impress

WordPress are not impressing me today. I got an update and it was not saving my draft. I did a quick copy paste into pages, on my Apple Computer, and that was also not working as they have an update I should make. I just gave up and closed down the computer. Now everything is working again, but I am annoyed at having to write from my memory. My memory is not very impressive these days. This morning Mr. Swiss and I met a colleague and afterwards I asked Mr. Swiss his name as I could not remember it. Mr. Swiss looked at me with a blank look and told me he couldn’t remember either. We arrived home and suddently half an hour later, he broke the good news that he remembered his name.

Now I am going in an entirely different direction to my original intentions on this piece of blog, but hearing about my younger days when I was out to impress with the latest high heels and short skirts, colourful war paint around the eyes and other such strange fashion interests no-one today, I no longer impress with my grey hair and walking stick, although I do my best. I got the most colourful cane I could find with jungle design, and it even has my name on it, what could be better? Mr. Swiss and I do not bother to impress each other today, that all happened in the past when we met. After the kids arrived impressions became non existant. I wore the average easy to wash, dry and iron clothing at home due to the stains from feeding the kids. Even going out you wore the practical stuff with sensible shoes. You were mainly hidden behind a pram in any case or had a screaming kid on your hand. That seemed to annoy people more than impress.

I though I would impress when I move to Switzerland, being a Brit and all that. Perhaps it is a normal trait of human nature, but we all seem to think that our nationality is the best. Forget it – the Swiss were absolutely not impressed and I soon noticed that if you wanted to beat them, you have to join them. Perhaps my British accent in Swiss German might impress, I do not think so, I seem to be more looked upon as something peculiar.

Today I was impressed.


This morning I was minding my own business preparing breakfast in the kitchen and firing up the computer. Yesterday our builders eventually finished the noisy, ear-drum breaking work and moved onto to the usage of a gas container and welding. Suddenly I hear the noise of a grinding machine in front of my kitchen window, that was most definitely making interesting photos, with sparks and fire. In the last couple of months I have become accustomed to recognising interesting camera shots just by hearing.

And there he was, the worker with the machine, doing things to the side of my window. I had no time to lose as I did not know how long this job would be, but after taking the first couple of photos with my mobile phone I realised I would have time for a few professional shots with my DSLR camera. Breakfast was forgotten and also the computer. I was back in action impressing everyone with my photo talents. I began to shoot, until the worker (he knew me) said I should perhaps stand a little further back as he did not want any damage to be caused to my camera by flying sparks. It was then that I realised they were shooting all over the place. After some time he moved on to the next windows and I ate my breakfast and wrote my Good Morning Blog.

Life is full of impressions at the moment.

Daily Prompt: Too Old to Impress

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Too old to impress

  1. We can impress them all with the sharpness of our minds! At least, that is my current theory. I don’t think anyone is going to be lured by my great beauty at this point, though Garry is most gallant about it 🙂

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