Good Morning

Water Tap

I used to show photos in the morning of green fields, sunrises, cloud formations. They were the good old days when my world was still OK without pneumatic chisels to wake me in the morning. This has all become a thing of the past. I am now living in a Blade Runner surrounding, trying to escape the threats of the builders using noise as their main weapon, Today’s picture of the day is my water supply tap which has now been torn from its bearings on the wall and laying limply on the debris of the destroyed surface of my back garden.

A small step in a world filled with destructive machinery, but a large step for me. Actually many steps. It means that if we have a drought with no rain, and it very much looks like it at the moment, my garden will need water from time to time. All I have to do is turn the water on and it floods through the hose. The hose is now limply laying on the neighbouring surface. No problem: I am strong and will fight them to the end. I will fill my water can, which holds 10 liter of water and gets quite heavy. and carry it to the window and place it outside. I can then leave my appartment, take a walk out the main exit and arrive in the garden and apply the water in the can to the garden. Unfortunately 10 liter is not enough, so after 4-5 fillings of the can it should be OK, an hour later.

Mr. Swiss reassured me according to the last informative letter we received, that this is only temporary and the tap will be replaced. However it did not say when, so this could be some time between next week or October.  In between I will study the Internet to see if their are instructions for native Indian rain making dances.

Life goes on. Yesterday I took a walk around the demolished landscape of our building.

Renovation 22.05 (17)

I was confronted by scenes reminding me of London after the war, with half destroyed buildings and barriers everywhere. It can only get better.

In the meanwhile life goes on and even rubble women like myself have a will to survive. I cleaned the windows last Sunday morning because there would be no workmen here to make them dirty again. I will clean the bathroom today to the accompaniment of noise on the other side of the bathroom wall, where the workmen will be removing some remains of what they remove.

Mr. Swiss just left our appartment through the back garden window and has disappeared. Either he has been absorbed by a working force and shot down with a disintegrating drill, or is engaged in a conversation with the neighbour to catch up on the latest developments.

On my walk through the rubble yesterday I noticed that nature is fighting back and found a patch a clover in between the bricks and the metal parts. Where there is clover there is hope.

Enjoy the day, see you around.

Clover 22.05.2017

5 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I sympathize – yesterday a plumber came to inform us that we will have to do without our toilets at work – “for a few days”. So I either climb the stairs – or walk the length of our building till I reach the adjoining building and use the toilet or refill my water heater.

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    • Every day a new surprise here. At least this is only happening outside. We are now under siege. You just get a new announcement telling you that this and that is happening and there will be ” Lärmemission”, so you just have to put up with it.

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