Daily Prompt: Catapulted with a Flame Thrower

Blow Torch

Now I have seen it all. My midday sleep has been constantly under siege from the noise of a pneumatic chisel. Today the chisel has been put to rest. Its work is done and so I was at last relaxing enjoying the peace and quiet and studying my iPad. Suddenly there was a roar in front of my bedroom window. I was no longer sleeping, but recovering from my sleep.

I catapulted myself out of the bed. Not really, as catapulting is no longer possible, but with a direct swing I landed on both feet, stood in a upright position and opened the curtains to see a young man similing at me. This was an improvement, I very rarely see young men smiling at me, they usually either shake their heads in disbelief or are entertained.

And so I progressed to see what the noise was. There was an open flame in front of the window. They were now burning the place down instead of repairing I thought, but no. the man with the lamp applied pressure on the flame and with a roar he went into action. I now had dragons in front of my window.

Sealing blow Torch

Here is an action photo of the covers to the basis of my wall being sealed to the wall by heat. I really thought dragons were extinct, but it seems even these have their use on a building site.

I decided to go outside and get the action direct, and not from the window. However, I then met the young man who also had a blowtorch and was applying fire and flames to the entrance. I decided not to go further before a wall of flames appeared. He then asked me if I was a photographer. I was honoured, to think that someone sees in me a professional photographer. I explained that I was now too old to work anywhere, and definitely not as a photographer, it was just a hobby. I also assured him that I was not taking photos of him, but of the action. I think he was disappointed.

I returned and discovered that my cat, Tabby, wanted to get a closer look at the action. She was disappointed when I did not open the window to let her out. I had to explain that she might return with singed fur. I think she understood as the heat could now be felt through the open window.

And that is the daily excitement. Return tomorrow when they might be applying liquid hydrogen mixed with oxygen to ensure that everything goes off with a bang.

Blow Torch

Daily Prompt: Catapulted with a Flame Thrower

7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Catapulted with a Flame Thrower

  1. Sorry I am a bit confused. Were they adding a mixer or sealing agent to the wall. Simply heating up the exterior doesn’t seem to do any good to seal without something else to act with the heat. I would love to see more photos of the “dragon” working on the building, maybe an action video. Be well and stay cool. Hugs

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    • Although I am learning fast how to renovate a house, I am not yet so good. As far as I can see they were applying heat to a insulating cover and sticking it to the wall through heat. It was to stop water seeping in, although we never had problems with water. These photos were the quick ones with the iPhone. I now have now uploaded a few from the camera and will be gradually showing them.

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