Good Morning

Castle Waldegg 21.05.2017

Yesterday I did something I have not done for years. I went for a walk in the evening at 7.00 p.m. Not that I am particular about times, but I heard the churchbell ring. I had been at home all day doing this and that. I wanted to take a walk with the camera, but it was one of those hot sunny days and I do not go for walks in the hot sun. After eating something in the evening I discovered I had nothing really useful to do and it was a really pleasant evening, so off I went telling Mr. Swiss where I was going and be back in an hour.

I decided to walk past the stables to see if there was anything happening. Our local castle in the first photo is always a background to anywhere I walk. They always seem to build castles on a hill, and I was not in a mood for climbing hills, so took a photo long distance.

Horses 21.05 (2)

Walking past the stables this particular horse seems to wait for visitors. I think he loves to have a photo taken. The nice thing about Sunday evening is that you are on your own. I have given up walking on Sunday afternoon in the good weather, there are too many people with the same idea.

So I walk on and the path leads to the cemetery. Again I was on my own. I think I was the only person in that cemetery, it was so wonderfully peaceful sitting on a bench listening to birdsong from the trees. You can always rely that the residents make no noise and are very peaceful.

St- Kathrinen Cemetery 21.05 (4)

I noticed things I had never noticed before like this little statue on a grave. I decided walks in summer in the evening are ideal. Not too hot, no stress, and you are really on your own. I returned home and Mr. Swiss breathed a sigh of relief. He tends to get worried when I go off, although I am armed with my mobile phone and a walking stick, but that’s what partners are for I suppose.

This morning I read something in a Swiss rag online newspaper, but it was all so familiar. It seems in that a lady suddenly had a friendship request in Facebook from a man dressed in uniform, an American soldier. This attracted my attention, because I have had at least 10 of these good looking well built men dressed in uniform wanting to be my friend (a 70 year old golden oldie?). I read on and this lady, also an American, suddenly received flowers and the soldier said he really wanted to meet her when he would be on leave. Ok, all well and good, she was happy and found why not. This soldier also had a daughter who also began to write to this lady saying how happy she was that her father had now found someone. This continued for a few months. One day the soldier writes he has found money in Afghanistan and would like to send it to her for safe keeping until he is back in the States. However, he would have to pay for the money transfer and does not have the funds, Whether she would help out. Now this American lady was certainly not stupid and broke off the contact immediately. The daughter wrote to say how her father was now so sad and she should really reconsider. The daughter added it brought her to tears to see how this affected her father. This lady made investigations and found the flowers she received came from an address in Australia and many other things just could not be genuine.

Why I am writing this is because I too have been approached by various so-called Ameican servicemen serving for their country and asked for friendship on Facebook. Needless to say I did not even bother, but it  was interesting to have my suspicions confirmed that somewhere something must be wrong. It seems they use photos that are not their own. Although I would add that the photos I received were too good to be true. No man looking like that with such a perfect body (the all seem to be wearing tight t-shirts) could really be looking for a woman.

And now to the background sound of a pneumatic drill (the generators are today parked opposite my garden) I will leave you. It is Monday, I have places to go and things to do. Might even find a few good photo subjects on the way. Have a good week everyone.

I will leave you with a photo of young horses that another farmer keeps. As I was walking home I passed one of the local road railway stations and through the hedge at the back of the station I can see the meadow where the horses graze.

Horses 21.05 (12)

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • I also noticed that my photos taken in the early evening have much better light effect that those during the day. I also enjoyed the walk very much. It was not so hot and just ideal and very peaceful.

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    • They are the young horses and it is not very often I get a chance to see them. We have castles all over the place in Switzerland, seems to be a hobby in the earlier days. You can even buy one, but it would cost more to get them put in order.


  1. The horses are gorgeous.

    All of this goes back to the old saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it’s not true.” I have never known it to be wrong. Regardless of truth, anyone should know that if it seems wrong, it really IS and stop right there. For some reason, many people don’t.

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