Good Morning

Rainbow 20.05 (5)

Look what I saw over my front garden yesterday evening at 8.45 p.m. Yes, a rainbow. I happened to be in my computer room to switch the computer off and saw this outside through the window. Actually the programme was to go to the washing room in the cellar and switch the machine on. I usually wash with the machine from 9.00 p.m. as electricity is then half price until 7.00 a.m. This rainbow turned my time table upside down, but I just had to get a photo, which meant going outside. First of all I had my zoom lens on the camera as had the wrong idea it would make a perfect close up. I was wrong, all I got was blurry colours and no rainbow, although I kept the photos – might come in useful one day.

I returned and got my normal close up camera lens and shot a few photos to commemorate the occasion. It was still raining but the sun had decided to make an appearance. I have seen better rainbows, but this was OK as a surprise.

O - Edinburgh Castle 20.05.2017  (2)

And then I got news from my son, via the Facebook messenger with a few photos. He had been a few days leading one of his international media conferences in Edinburgh and wrote to say the eagle had landed back in Switzerland and sent a few photos. This photo is of Edinburgh castle. It is always good to know where he is in the world.

I am still enjoying the peace and quiet of the week-end, the builders also enjoying their two days rest at home. I now put some bread remainders on the scaffolding platform hoping for some photos of birds in front of my kitchen window. but not so much luck. The birds are so quick and I have noticed my windows have now got a thin haze on them. Since the builders have been deconstructing the insulation layer, my windows have suffered. I am particular about clean windows and have had to leave them for the last couple of weeks. I have decided to have a quick clean up now it is week-end and the main dirty work has now been completed.

After a night of cold 4° C temperatures, the sun is now shining and it should get better. I must get out this afternoon, with my camera of course. I need some new photos without buildings sites.

And now I will leave you, have a few windows to clean and some other hobbies to indulge in. Enjoy your Sundays wherever you are. I know I will.

Rainbow 20.05 (6)

2 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. isn’t that funny, about rainbows? it looks like it’s something solid, but it’s just colors in the air, so actually you need to go back and the wider angle the lens, the better. I’ve taken quite a few rainbows, but they only come out about half the time — or less. Yours is lovely. So is Edinburgh Castle!

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    • The rainbow didn’t suit my timing, I wanted to start the washing machine, but we do everything for a photo. I thought the zoom would give me a wonderful close up, but had to change the lens to normal on top of all this it was raining, so I shot a few photos and hoped for the best. It was only half a rainbow, the rest had already disintegrated.
      My son visits all sorts of interesting places.


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