Good Morning

Iris 18.05 (2)

And the iris are flowering again this year. Amongst the re-construction work on our building there are still some parts of the garden than remain untouched. It is now week-end. Since I have been retired week-end lost that meaning of “have to” and became “if you feel like it” because I did not have to go to work and could do what I wanted to do. Week-ends have now been revived because the builders celebrate week-ends. On Friday they go home and relax.

At the same time we are relaxing. We have no building noise for two complete days. Our garden is now a garden, almost, there is naturally the permanent scaffolding, but you learn to live with it. But there are no grey plastic sheets covering the grass and flower beds. Everything can breath again. We are left with the fine layer of dust that seems to be everywhere. It is invisible, but it is there. However, peace reigns and the noise of the vacuum cleaner has almost become a song of normality. They covered up the doors to our garden cupboard, but we have now removed the covers and our porch has now become a porch again for two days with a small table and chairs.

In the meanwhile, life goes on, also in the computer world.  It seems that Microsoft have been busy developing new additions to their wonderful Window 10 – love it or hate it. Now that is a coincidence. As I am writing this I get a pop up window as follows:

Windows Update

My computer mainly talks german so tranlated “Here is the newest Windows function updat: the update is ready and waiting for your OK. the Installation can take longer than other updates as this version has new features and apps.

Are you ready? (I am still thinking about that). Not ready? then choose a time that will suit you better.”

I am not sure of this one. There are updates from Windows that turn your computer into a foreign entity, something you no longer recognise or want. I decided to play on the safe side and chose the button on the right “remind me again” as I can always think it over.

I have been bothered by Microsoft over the past week with a notice that cropped up now and again about something called “Windows Creators update”. I ignored it, hoping it would go away, but it was constantly re-appearing. I did a click and it told me that after the upload I could apply “3d”,  and get PC Games. I really do not need or want 3d and I only play Scrabble or Candy Crush now and again. I am quite partial to Jigsaw puzzles, but I have all this on my iPad and never do it on my computer. My computer is mainly reserved for photos and evening work. During the day I have my Apple computer.

So what did I do? Another button was supplied for “remind me later”. However Microsoft got impatient and forced a choice on me but telling me that I should first of all check that my security updates were all OK. I discovered they were, and decided to let fate takes its own path. The result being this pop-up window this morning. The timing really did not suit me, but I suppose I will eventually embrace the new Windows function update with doubt. Why mend it when it is not broken? I am happy with my little world of computers and really do not need anything new and spectacular. I am 70 years old and have seen enough changes in my computer life. If I am still around to enjoy it all, Windows will probably still be asking me to update in 10 years when I celebrate 80 years. Mr. Swiss is almost there with 2 years to go and Windows have not yet asked him. so perhaps they do remove it from the golden oldie programme eventually.

What began as a normal Good Morning, as now developed into a Software update. Speaking from my golden oldie computer experience, never trust an update, they have hidden obstacles that could destroy your happy secure computer life. Remember Windows 8? No-one liked it and it was one of the biggest calamities in the Microsoft world. They even struck Windows 9 from the ordeal and went direct to Windows 10. I often wondered what it was in Window 9 that had to be avoided.

And now to continue with my daily insignificant life, without the newest update from Windows. It is Saturday – no building noise and a normal day. The sun is shining and the birds are singing, the crows are cawing and I have wasted enough time on this computer this morning. I will be back, with or without the newest Windows update.

Bull on a  teminal
Even the bull did not want to show himself on my computer. One of his wives was looking on wondering what he was actually doing burying his head in the bushes.

3 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. The Bull is ashamed of himself, but Microsoft should be!
    It’s amazing how Nature still speaks simplicity, but our businesses are engaged in stripping people off their money, preferences, peace of mind, and privacy.

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