Good Morning


It is wonderful to be able to sit in the kitchen in the morning and see that the view from my window no longer is a garden covered in plastic. The plastic covers have now been piled up in the meadow opposite and I hope they have now been banned permently from my garden. I spoke to the builders when they began and told them that my garden is not happy about being covered for the three days they would be throwing bricks and stones from the above floors. The guy who had most to say agreed to remove the covers in the late afternoon when they were finished with the work, and they did. My garden has survived and now it is raining which is not so bad.

Renovation 18.05 (4)

Today the noisy work of drilling and insulation removal from the facade will be finished and next week the plasterers and painters will move in until August. The have also now finished the roof repairs. It is not good for the nerves when there is a continuous drone from their pump on the roof.

Today is one of those days that I will glad to get behind me. Mr. Swiss has a dental appointment this morning, and Friday is our week-end shopping day. I will bring him to the dentists by car and then travel further to the supermarket an complete the shopping on my own. When I have finished the shopping I will pick him up and return home. The list was prepared on the cloud on the phone yesterday so everything under control.

This is a short good morning as I have things to do and places to go this morning, but I will be back. I was in town yesterday for my own dentist visit, but had no time for a photo session. Dentists do not have such interesting subjects in their rooms and who wants to see a dentist drill?

I just took some more photos on the way home of our flowering horse chestnut trees. See you later, keep safe.

Horse Chestnut 18.05 (3)

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