Daily Prompt: The lady with the camera

renovation 19.05 (1)

This tool is for me the most notorious object to be found on a building site. It is an instrument that pours out noise in decibels unbearable to the human ear. It is a pneumatic chisel and is used to remove, scrap, peel the unwanted concrete residue from the walls. It is commonly switched on at 7.00 a.m. when the builders arrive, makes a pause for a coffee break in the morning and enjoys a lunch break for an hour. If you are lucky it will decide to call it a day at lunch time.  Today we were not lucky, and it was our turn at the entrance on our porch to partake of its talents. I usually take an after dinner nap, but today it was accompanied by the song of the chisel. There was a second tool operating on the other side of the building and I am sure they have a choir practice together to perfect their harmonisation.

However,  I am everywhere with the camera so if you happen to cross my lens you will be captured, Of course you need fresh subjects for your photography and that is my problem. My days of wandering and going places and doing things are slowly diminishing and I noticed that fresh food for the camera is getting scarce. However, I now have new food for my hobby, a building site.

It was decided that the block where I live, with 13 appartments, would be renewed, revitalised and more or less rebuilt on the outside. Not my wish, but I decided to make the most of it with my camera. After the first week the building team would greet me when they saw me with the camera. One day I was busy with housewife chores and only arrived in the afternoon with the camera to see what had happened in the meanwhile. The guy constructing the scaffolding said he wondered where I was. Now that is recognition for my notoriety.

I now have 300+ photos in my records of what has happened up to now. Today I realised how notorious I had become. Of course after more than a month you get to know your daily builders and they get to know you. They are wonderful guys, do their job and clear away the mess afterwards and enjoy a good laugh. This afternoon one was attempting to split my ear drums with his tool and his colleague appeared. I was watching, only with my telephone camera  – you never know. One of the builders disovered this was ideal for a group photo, although there were only two builders. Suddenly another three workmen appeared from nowhere. They were probably working next door and they posed for a group photo. This was a great photo, one of the best I have taken up to now. The rain was pouring down outside my porch, they would soon be going to their week-end and I think we were all in a good mood.

Daily Prompt: The Lady With the Camera

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The lady with the camera

  1. Ah to be in a country where everything is not a conspiracy. There you are greeted warmly and with smiles. Here you would be met with distrust, disinformation on your motives, and snarls of being a nuisance. There you are celebrated for documenting the progression in pictures. Here you would be thought to be taking pictures for the purpose of a law suite or other legal actions. Here there is sometimes time limits for each job and if you have pictures of the workers doing what they shouldn’t even a small amount it costs the company money. Next thing you know you are not only barred from the site but a web page now says you are working for some new world control order which may or may not include the lizard people. 🙂 Hugs

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    • 🙂 Although I have to be careful. No-one basically minds me taking photos, but I avoid interrupting the work progress. This was just before the week-end and everyone was in a good mood. Sometimes I have the camera and people might ask me not to take their photo and I respect it. Mostly my photos are of machinery and building parts, but it is a hobby. When I saw this photo, I just had to post it. They seemed so happy and they are great guys.

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