Good Morning

Renovation 17.05 (15)

It is literally raining stones and I managed an action photo. Can you see it towards the righthand side. A square stone hanging in the air. It was one of the many thrown from the balconies above as they are all being replaced. We learned today that our stones outside on the porch will also be replaced, but they will not have to be thrown, they will be piled into wheelbarrow and taken away. You may be asking why? We are also asking why. This whole gold plating of our residence shows the stupidy of the human race.

I was reading about Erdogan, the dictator of Turkey. He is probably a multi millionaire, and has built himself a villa with a thousand rooms. We live in a 4-5 room appartment, but there are still some people here who are longing for better and it all goes on a majority vote and we were definitely not in the majority.  Our roof is also being recreated. A crane arrived yesterday, tall enough to be seen all over the village. “Aha” I thought, a new opportunity for some photos. However the crane was only here in the morning and disappeared again in the afternoo, so no photos. All that expense for a crane to remove a few bricks from the roof. Otherwise they are continuously pumping away the rubble from the roof all day. Drills are one sort of noise, but a motor that runs all day can get very annoying.

RenovationI had a little chuckle yesterday. The workman had finished for the day and gone home. They had left this heap of protection material for the stone bricks on the meadow next to my garden for the next day. The cat next door took a walk through our garden (much to the annoyance of our cat, because it is actually her territory) and the neighbour’s cat had a sniff at this material, turned his back to it, raised he tail and annointed it with his spraying material (see stain on the left). Sorry that this is not so appetising, but it showed what he thought of this invasion.

We escaped yesterday morning to a shopping trip and arrived at an accident on the main road to the supermarket. It seems two cars were involved and a pedestrian. The police were there, and two ambulances. When we returned from the supermarket more than an hour later, with me driving, the ambulances were still there, one driving away, and the police were organising the traffic. Such events give you food for thought, it could have been me, it could be anyone.

Today is a day at home. The builders are making progress and will definitely be finished tomorrow on our apparment thank goodness. Then peace will reign again, until the next brilliant idea that someone on a planning committee has. Main thing is that everyone will be happy with our new expensive luxury building, which is really not necessary.

To leave you on a brighter note, the horse chestnut trees are now flowering and I took a photo of the alley on the way to the super market (before we saw the accident).

Horse Chestnut Trees 17.05 (1)

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