Daily Prompt: Today’s Farce

Today I went to the dentist – ok no big deal, although it was not an actual dentist appointment, but the dental hygenist. These days dentists only bother with the real thing, the drilling and the fillings, as well as the replacements, the high finance of dental treatment. The dental hygenist has a look in your mouth and tells you about all the tooth scale that should be scrapped away to give you the Donald Trump laugh again.

I had been reminded three times by post that I was due for a check-up, so today decided to do the right thing.  I did not know this lady and she did not know me, so of course the first remark was whether I come from the North. I am used to this, as my Swiss German has a slight trace of an accent that no-one seems to recognise. If you say “North” there is a good chance that you will be in the right direction. We soon established the fact that I was english.

“I see that your last appointment was in December 2015” the lady said. Hanging my head in shame, I told her that I was busy with appointments to various doctors and specialists and never got round to the dentist. The next step was to check my gums. This meant prodding and picking with a very sharp instrument – was that a slight taste of blood in my mouth? She did the circular tour and discovered two places where I could perhaps concentrate on more cleaning. I was laying almost horizontal in the chair and she swivelled the attachment in front of my face to show a mirror of my mouth, to make sure I found the right place. She had already removed my glasses, so I told her everything was now a blur and I could not see the bacteria.

She moved on and began to scrap. There was no boring, or electronics, it was all being done maually. She praised me on the good cleaning of my teeth until she arrived at the back where she found a little more tartar, (we call it tooth stone in german translated). She was now happy as she had discovered a purpose in her dental hygienic life. She had found a quarry, the peak of dental hygienic work.

We then got down to the details and about the brushes I apply for cleaning the spaces in between the teeth.  This is now almost more important than a tooth brush today. Another product you can buy to spend even more money on your teeth. In the meanwhile we had to make a quick pause, as I had to scratch my nose.

Dental Care

My brush in between experience began a few years ago with the pink brushes which were far too small for my teeth gaps. I progressed to red, but still had not reached the perfect size. The next size was blue which I had been using for some time. I had tried the yellow but found they were just a little too big for my tooth gaps. Today the hygenist tried a few sizes in beween my teeth, and decided that green would be the basic size for my tooth gaps, although if the green could not be inseted, then I should apply yellow. Luckily I am not colour blind and I suppose as you get older the spaces between the teeth expland.

We then got the point when I was invited to have a rinse with some sort of dental liquid. And then she found another instrument and did another tour of my teeth. In the meanwhile we had to make a short break as my nose was itching again.

Eventually we were finished, another short rinse with the magical liquid and she gave me two packets of the green and yellow brushes. I decided to settle the bill.  They are fully equipped with credit card machines and computers, although the assistant had to call the chief assistant as she lost the thread on her Apple computer.

Any so another dental appointment was completed with a promise to return in a year, should there be no emergencies in the meanwhile. Not exactly a farce, but I can always see the funny side of things. I suppose because I am a golden oldie walking with a stick, everyone tells me to take my time – no rush. I even see the funny side of that, beause “hurry” and “rush” are two words that no longer exist in my vocabulary.

Daily Prompt: Today’s Farce

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Today’s Farce

    • I am very particular about teeth hygiene. I have been using the brushes for a long while and find them very good. There is no insurance for dental treatment in Switzerland and you pay for everything yourself.


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