Photo Challenge: Heritage

Army Chocolate

Of course I am a Swiss Patriot, but wait a minute, I was born a cockney in London. Should I be showing a photo of Queen Elizabeth – no not really. I am one of those that got away, 20 years England and 50 years Switzerland, so let’s stick with the Swiss. On the other hand I cannot yodel, and have never made a cheese fondue myself, buy it in a packet and warm it up in the fondue pot.

What do I have to show for my Swiss heritage? Well I have a Swiss husband that can trace his roots back to a place known as the Gohlgraben in Emmental in Switzerland. I could never really trace my english roots. Half of them were just there, and the other half were Huguenot refugees chased out of France because of their religion.

However, I have two Swiss sons, with Swiss passports, one of them even served in the Swiss army – yes we have one. Every able bodied Swiss has to do his time and to support them in the hard days of service, they are fed and clothed. Being Swiss one of the parts of their soldier diet is chocolate, not just any chocolate, but Swiss army chocolate. This is so successful, being part of our heritage, that you an even buy it in the supermarket: packed in a ration of 50 grammes and it is marked on the paket (in the three swiss languages of course) Army chocolate. This is the Swiss secret weapon, the reason that our army would be so successful in battle (no it was not Wilhelm Tell that was the national hero, it was Suchard, the Swiss chocolate maker): our Swiss heritage.

Photo Challenge: Heritage

23 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Heritage

    • Me too, Mr. Swiss being a big part of the reason. I have been here too long now, Mr. Swiss says I am often more Swiss than the Swiss. And the army chocolate would not be part of the reason. It is OK, but Suchard does it better. Frey is a Migros label.

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  1. What about the Swiss army knife? I was the proud owner of one, but when I wanted to fly home once, the security people confiscated it.

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  4. When my brother comes to visit I always ask for him to bring Swiss Chocolate. The milk you have makes a huge difference to the chocolate you get in Switzerland to that which we get here. The other things I think of when I think of Switzerland are watches, swiss chalet houses, red cross and yes, Swiss Army knives.

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