Daily Prompt: Precipice everywhere


No matter where you are in Switzerland, you are bound to find a precipice somewhere. This is a photo taken by me from one of the local mountains, the Balmberg. Luckily you have a zoom lens on the cameras today, otherwise I would not have ventured so far to the edge. I am an apprentice Swiss and did not grow up here, but I was not a bartered bride. I did it all voluntarily.


Now I have my own private precipice due to the building work where I live,  In front of the window to my computer room. The problem with this precipice is that I have to mind the gap and cannot jump over it because my jumping days have long gone.  I am a prisoner in my own home. Of course I can avoid this by leaving by the main door, walking around our block and eventually arriving in my garden.

We have two floors above us and they will be removing the balcony railings. Today they began removing the stone paving on the balconies. It is not my problem, although when it is raining square blocks of stones from above, it is better to stay inside. There are appartments above with small children and i dare not think what could happen in they strayed to the edge of the balcony. It seems their families have now unscrewed the window handles to prevent the balcony windows being opened by the kids. We are all slowly becoming prisoners in our own homes and danger is lurking everywhere.

Not very much to say in this connection. I do not see the meaningful side of the precipice situation at the moment, only the bare facts. I am glad for Mr. Swiss. I had to water the garden and the hose was on the wrong side of the precipice. He climbed down the precipice, climbed up again on the other side and returned the hose to the right place. My garden was somewhat thirsty and was begging for water.

So be careful how you tread, there are precpices everywhere in life and you may stumble and fall. It just seems to me that those that should fall, never do, Even presidents seem to be able to climb up the precipices with no damage.

Daily Prompt: Precipice everywhere

9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Precipice everywhere

  1. While I understand the frustration of being forced to stay shut in the house while the work is ongoing, or to get to your garden by the walk around it did bring to mind a rather sad thought. How many older people are house bound due to stairs or other obstacles that prevent them from having easy access to the world out of their homes? In the park I live the homes are all mobile homes of one style or age but all are single level and have either easy steps with railings or ramps. Originally this was a senior park and the facilities are designed for ease of access. There is always plenty of people about and also the management will gladly send staff to any home where the person has fallen or has a problem requiring a bit more dexterity or strength. I can not imagine being alone and disabled on private land in a single home where there is not one to assist with things. I think that would be a huge precipice to climb.

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    • If I did not have Mr. Swiss, I could easily be one of those people. If i fall I can no longer stand up on my own. My father lived until he was 100 years and 7 months. In his last 10 years he no longer went anywhere, unless we more or less talked him into it. He was just frightened of something happening. Houses with stairs were a horror for him, he could no longer walk up stairs or down so well. He was lucky to be in an extrra care home in his last years. He had his own appartment, but there were carers ready to help where they could, and there were alarm buttons everywhere for him to summon help if necessary. I was glad that he was so well looked after, living so far away from him. However, I sometimes I have the feeling that because of his age, which was more an exception.he was looked after with so much care. He was the oldest in the home where he lived. I am not really shut in the house, and I can take the car or go for walks, but I no longer have so much physical energy. And I can really not get out from my back room because of the building hazards.

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      • I do understand. Right now I leave the house only for doctors appointments. One of my problems is the loss of my left hip. the head of my left femur has been slowly dying for years, but now has completely collapsed. SO I am due an operation to replace it. Until then it hurts too much to go anywhere or to stay when I get there. Hugs


      • Strange how going up stairs is always easier. I am also quite good and climbing the stairs, although have none in my appartment. Otherwise we have a lift, which is even better.


  2. Also not a lover of edges but fortunately I can still do stairs. I don’t care for those ones with gaps that you can see through though or very steep or spiral staircases. As for precipices I by far prefer your scenic mountains to builders hazards. I’ve been enjoying some films of Swiss trains on YouTube recently which is probably the only way I will ever get to enjoy them unfortunately.

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    • I lose my balance easily on edges. I also have problems with the see-throug stairs like certain fire escapes. As long as I can hold on somewhere I am OK. I can no longer climb stairs freehand.

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