Good Morning

A plane flies over

What a mixture: part of our estate, with the scaffolding from our block and a blue sky above with a trace of a plane winging its way from to or from Zürich airport. We are on the main flight route. Every time I did the London flight, I could always see our village and nearby town from the plane. Flying planes on the same routes are like travelling by train, you get used to the scenery. My flying days are now finished, I no longer have the urge or reason to go to far flung places, but the memories remain.

I am gradually getting the building blues in my part of the world. At the beginning it was one big adventure with builders moving in, consructing their towers of scaffolding and beginning with the demounting of the facade insulation. I was taking photos everywhere. Now it has become the daily routine, always the background noise of drilling. sometimes near and sometimes further and with the camera I have seen it all and done it all.  We discovered yesterday that not even the workers know exactly what will be happening next. They are creeping near to our place on the West side of the block (the east side is now finished with the noisy and messy work) but cannot say when they will arrive. We enjoy their quarter of an hour morning break from 09.00 as we know peace will reign for a short while. We celebrate every one hour lunch break from 12.00 midday knowing that we can at least eat our lunch in peace. and we have quiet joyful celebrations when they go home in the afternoon around 4.30 p.m. We must be thankful for small mercies.

I notice that my cat also ventures out when they are gone, exploring his territory to see what has changed.

This morning I will be on a bathroom cleaning experience as I have nothing better to do. There is no shopping to be done, we will survive until tomorrow.

I noticed that Ian Brady, the last of the moors murderers has now died in prison at the age of 79. I remember the sensation in the mid sixties when Ian Brady and his crony Myra Hindley killed 4 children in a horrible way and buried them on the Yorshire moors. Brady also killed a teenager. They were found guilty and put in prison for life. Hindley died a few years ago and now Brady is also dead, good riddance to bad rubbish.

Excitement in Europe with a new French president. He is the youngest ever to be president at the age of 39, his wife being 64 years old – something completely different. Germany also had local elections at the week-end as it disturbed our TV timetable. Our Sunday soap came later (Lindenstrasse) and there were problems in recording it on the DVD (did not really bother me). Anyhow Merkel’s party won outright, the socialists lost a lot of seats,  and there is no stopping her now to win the next general German election. At least the political scenery in Europe is more or less stable for the time being. Swiss politics continue as usual, no big dramas or changes and if there were no-one would notice.

And I am now moving on, I am even boring myself with today’s blog. I need excitement, something completely different. Perhaps someone might rob a Swiss bank, who knows. Mr. Swiss has changed his browser to Firefox and left Chrome, but that will not be in the headlines. I am still in Chrome. He also left Facebook a month ago, but no-one really noticed.

Enjoy the day, I will be back – a promise not a threat.

Wild Meadow and Lilac

4 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • I thought the caterpillars might be a one off but no such luck. It seems. Seems to be something from a Stephen King story. Since our builders moved in I haven’t seen any insects. Perhaps they scored them away.


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