Daily Prompt: An Afternoon with a Qualm

It was one of those nice days when the sun was shining and temperatures were warm enough to wear t-shirts and bermudas. I did not really want to take a walk. However, Mr. Swiss said he would come with me, and so what lady could refuse a walk with such a great guy, so I decided to go. At home we were qualmed by building noise from our renovation programme where we live and decided to get away from it.

We walked along the bank of the River Aar, which is only just down the path from where we live and decided to rest awhile on a bench. I had my camera with me, but there were no ducks or swans to be seen. Mr. Swiss asked where they had gone, so I told him the eggs were probably now laid and mum and dad were waiting for the big egg breaking sessions when the kids arrive.

I must add I was very uncomforable sitting on the bench on the river bank, very much qualmed with the hot sun beating down and so we decided to move on and conquer the slope and 69 steps to the bench at the top overlooking the river.

Alps 16.05 (1)

This was the view we had from the bench at the top. We see the Bernese alps now and again, but they are not always so perfect. Today was a perfect view, and so I shot a few photos. We were not yet qualmed, that part is coming.

I then looked to the side and saw that there were some cows lurking near us, about 4 or 5, another chance for a few photos. I noticed that the cows all had horns, which you do not often see as the farmers usually cut them off. Suddenly the cows came nearer. They were separated by a fence so no problem. However, there was a problem. I am a simple London girl that grew up with busses and trains, and the only time I saw a cow was when I visited my aunt, as they had a field backing onto her garden, so I am definitely not a bovine specialist. Mr. Swiss grew up surrounded by cows and all sorts of farm animals so he knows all the details. He also came from a butcher’s family, so knows all the details of farming.

It was then he suddenly stood up and said let’s go, there is a “Muni” amongst them. Now I do speak swiss german quite fluently and recognised this word as pertaining to a male of the species. It was a bull. In any case Mr. Swiss was qualmed and infected me with qualming feelings. He said they can get a little dangerous when they are with their wives. I said there was a fence in between, but he was already on his way. I was still taking photos of the complete group of cows.

Cows 16.05 (4)

It was the guy on the left that Mr. Swiss was worried about. He was the leader of the pack. I noticed he had a strange assembly on his forehead and Mr. Swiss said he probably had a ring through his nose now and again. I decided I could not let this chance escape for a few photos of a “Muni” as you really do not see them so often. I found it was a thoughtful farmer to give his ladies a real man and not just a visit from the vet. Mr. Swiss said there are a few farmers that still have a bull  and they earn quite a bit of money with them renting them out to other farmers – looks like the sex business pays of on the farms. Of course I asked a silly question admiring Mr. Swiss for recognising immediately that this was a bull, although on second looks I noticed he was well equipped. I just had to wait for him to turn around.

Ox 16.05 (15)

I was still having a private chuckle when we reached home about this experience. Thank goodness Mr. Swiss recognised the “Muni” danger. It could have developed into a bull fight if we had not left. It was the first time I had seen a bull close up. The ladies followed him wherever he trod.

Daily Prompt: An Afternoon with a Qualm

6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: An Afternoon with a Qualm

  1. He has testicles. 🙂 (Nothing gets by me…) He’s really pretty!

    I was riding my bike in the mountains years ago. The mountains were open range during the summer so there were a couple of herds of cattle wandering around. Among them were bulls. On that particular day I was peacefully cruising along an easy trail and what should I see, calmly sleeping about 20 feet away? I very quietly stopped my bike, quietly turned it around, whispered to my dog to come and back we went.

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    • Yes, well done, the candidate as 100 points. I did not see them at first, just noticed he looked a bit different to the others and had bigger horns.
      I just had to have a chuckle at Mr. Swiss. There we were sitting on a bench looking at the cows and suddenly he stood up and was on his way. I wondered what was happening. He said I should also go, bulls don’t mess around. I just thought it was a different type of cow, although I noticed it did not actually moo, it was more a deep toned groan.

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