Good Morning

Renovation 11.05 (1)

Yes, they have returned. It was such a wonderfully quiet, relaxed week-end. There was no builing noise, no spider men climbing up the facade and removing material with a power chisel causing bits and pieces to fall. The only noise was the crows who decided to return and children playing, which is not noise, just occupational therapy.

I removed the plastic covers on my garden in the meanwhile expecting them to be replaced this morning when the builders returned, but the builders have made a complete change of plan and have begun on the other end of the building, meaning they will probably reach us towards the end of the week. I have a few words to say to them first of all. They will not make a Cristo artwork out of my garden, my plants need air and light. I have my own covering up material, garden friendly and they can use that. It will also be removed when they go home in the afternoon. I will fight for the rights of my garden until the last sheet of plastic.

It seems that what we all dreaded happed at the week-end. The cyber attack happaned, laming mostly Russian and British computers, with some side effects in other countries. Switzerland seemed to have got away with it. There were a few random attacks, but nothing worth a headline in a Swiss newspaper. That the British National Health Service suffered most of all did not suprise me. They are not capable of an efficient service for their pateints, keeping them waiting at the hospitals for their scheduled appointments and now it hit their computers. Am I suprised? Not really. I noticed from my various visits to London over the past many years, that their computer systems are somewhat behind the times. I read that some official bodies even operate on Windows XP – now that is a blast from the past. We all had XP once, but was that more than 10 years ago.

If you look after your Windows system, installing the updates when they arrive, there should be no big problem. I also have an Apple computer and that has never been attacked by anything up to now, except for me. Although I was alarmed last week when my Microsoft Windows computer suddenly invited me to upload its new development, some sort of super paint graphic programme. I had a choice. One button said update, and the other said at a later date. I am for the later date and if I ignore it long enough it might go away. I really do not need any new graphic improvements on my computer. I blog and am not an artist.

Today is a day of shopping. I have one of those inconvenient weeks, things always happen at once. However, it only begins on Thursday afternoon when I have a detntal appointment for a teeth cleaning, which is overdue for some time. I do not really have problems with my teeth at the moment, it is just routine, but you never know what they will find. I again have to go on my own with the car for the week-end shopping on Friday, as Mr. Swiss has something going on. In between I will have to bring him and pick him up again.  I am getting too settled in my golden oldie years and prefer the weeks when nothing special is happening.

No. 2 son called me yesterday. He has now returned safely to Switzerland from Morocco. He did not have a very enjoyable flight back as the Moroccan pilot seemed to have a thing for air pockets in the clouds and it was a bumpy ride to say the least

I now have places to go like the supermarket. I will keep an eye open for suitable cover up material for my garden that the builders can used to cover my plants. I found something in my garden cupboard which might be OK.

See you later, enjoy the beginning of the week.

Wild flowers 11.05 (1)
Wild Garlic in a neighbouring field

5 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. The dreaded dentist …. not my favorite way to start the week. Wow, the wild garlic is beautiful. I wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. I really enjoy reading your posts/updates and your photos are gorgeous.

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  2. I have noticed that many professional office — not just government ones — are runny ancient computer systems. They are all wide open for attack by almost anyone who is computer literate. So far, so good around here.

    They tell us we’ll have sunshine next week for sure. I’m holding my breath!

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    • Seems that Switzerland is up not date as we got few problems. England did not surprise me with the hacking problems, they do not move with the times and seem to be saving money in the wrong places.

      Our weather has improved and getting warmer daily.


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