Daily Prompt: Collaboration

Renovation with plastic

Collaboration is spellt with a small “c” around here at the moment. The builders are collaborating with each other but not with their victims. They have their job to do and I am now fighting to protect my garden. They need to spend 2-3 days on our side of the appartment block removing the top surface of the walls, because it will be replaced. They have already done it on the other side where my garden is mainly at the borders, and otherwise large stones. The stones were covered with plastic to enable easy removal of the falling rubbish from the other two floors. This was no big problem. One of my hollyhocks has now been flattered, together with an everlasting forget-me not, but they will survive and fight back next year I am sure. The roots go deep and what is a hollyhock and a forget-me-no after all? We have the disadvantage of living on the ground floor.

Hollyhock and everlasting forget-me-not, trampled by the builders.

Now they are preparing for the other side where I have a garden: nothing super special, but I know my plants, give them water and fertiliser. I am even happy when an unwanted weed arrives in my garden, the also have pretty flowers.


So last week they covered my garden with thick impervious plastic, stifling every living thing beneath, but for the protection of my garden when the sheets of insulation material will be thrown down from the second and third floors. OK, but the plastic was laid and no-one came. They changed their programme and began at the other end. I removed the plastic myself after two days, my lawn already had a faint yellow tinge, but has now recovered. I will now be defending my garden until the bitter end. It seems we are programmed for this week, if it happends.

I have told them if there is no other possibility of slow suffocation of my garden, then the plastic will be removed in the afternoon when they are finished work and they can replace it again the next day. Will they collaborate?

I am fighting for the suvival of a garden, and its lawn.

Daily Prompt: Collaboration

5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Collaboration

    • I spoke to the builder this afternoon and he found the lawn will recover. We all recover eventually, it is a matter of time and Summer comes only once a year I believe. I told him that when he and his merry men to go home they can remove the pastic from my garden. He said OK, but whether he got the message I am not sure.

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    • Being at the bottom, they throw everything into my garden from the top at the end of the day. I watched yesterday and am not happy. It is a matter of a few days, but a few days too many.


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