Daily Prompt: Hospitality

Renovation 09.05 (16)

Does not look very inviting at the moment at my place. The door bell has been exposed and there is only an thick lead to show it is still working due to renovations, but welcome all the same. We have a super system. The outside entrance door to the apartments is always locked. If someone rings your door bell, you press a button in the apartment and you can already talk to the unknown visitor over intercom. He does not see you, and you do not see him – it is only voice contact. If you decide he is a welcome visitor, you press the button inside the apartment which automatically opens the main entrance door. He still has to get through my private door according to whether I open it or not. All very well organised, but not for me, although Mr. Swiss tells me to talk on the intercom.

We live on the ground floor and I have only a few steps to the main entrance, so if someone rings the bell I go and have a look who it is. I cannot be bothered with all that intercom stuff.

I am not inhospitable, but I would not invite anyone into my apartment if I did not know them or did not expect them. We continuously get the Jehova Witness people wanting to convert you, or the sellers of various articles which we do not need. Although I have not seen the Jehova Witness campaigners for some time, probably since I told them I was atheist. She asked me why. I asked her why she was Jehovah Witness and then she said goodbye.

Actually I have become quite inhospitable over the years. I no longer contribute to various charities. There are so many, and who am I supposed to choose, so I treat everyone equally and give nothing. I greet people I recognise and know when they let me out and I like a good chat if I have the time. I no longer hand out so many invitations. Our  relations are dwindling with time, the older generation (I mean old, I am also old, but not yet ancient) have passed on and the remaining relations we do not bother with. They do not both with us either. Sometimes I find it an advantage to have all my people in another country. We have contact, but they are not standing on the doorstep.

In the earlier days it seemed to me that is was always me that invited, cooked the meal for everyone and was glad to see them go evenutally. Today I can make my own choices and to be quite honest, I very rarely make invitations just for the fun of it. Close family is something else, because they are close family and because they are welcome.

And that’s that. I am really not being inhospitable, but I have no further words on this theme.

Railway Feldbrunnen

Daily Prompt: Hospitality

6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Hospitality

    • There is a Jehovah Witness group somewhere in our town of Solothurn, with their own meeting house or whatever. I know a few people at a distance that belonged. They often come calling.
      There is also a Mormon Temple near Bern in Zollikofen and a church in the village where I worked, Bellach, so now and again we get their misionaries calliing dressed in their neat suits and speaking german with an Ameican accent, probably the ideal recruits for the CIA when they return to the states. Their temples and churches here are really impressive and clean and I just wonder where the money comes from.


  1. Since I’ve moved here, I have had to relearn hospitality. In CA no one wanted to come to my house, the first house because it was in a very dangerous part of town, the second house because it was at least 30 miles from any point in San Diego and they didn’t want to drive that far. That pretty much told me how important it was for some of my friends to see me which definitely simplified my Christmas card list. The first couple of years I lived in the mountains, friends often came up on a weekend to enjoy getting away from the city, but events that started in 2005 (the price of gas tripling, for one thing) sort of quelled their enthusiasm. It was OK with me. I was teaching a lot and needed time to myself. NOW, however, I have friends and a social life. I’m pretty awkward and I know it. People even come down here to spend the weekend!!! I think I do OK. They keep coming back…

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    • Mr. Swiss grew up and went to school in the area, so often meets ex school colleagues and friends, those that are still here. I know less people, mainly those that I worked with, as I have no background here. We are not a couple that invite a lot or are invited, we do not seek it. We just have good relationships with a lot of people. We live in a small village where everyone knows everyone and the villlage has a few institutions. I myself was for 6 years in the first aid organisation as their accountant and also as first aid helper. Today I am quite happy and content to be where I am. I know most of the shop assistants in the local supermarket and generally enjoy small town/village life. I never knew it in London, as it was so big, but here it is small community and it suits me.

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  2. I am not very hospitable I suppose. I am happy to meet people away from home and in fact have regular lunch and coffee days with a select few local friends but even when David was alive we rarely invited people to our house. I say it is because they will get dog hair all over them which is true but mostly because I think of home as a place of retreat from the world.

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    • I am about the same, but without the dog hair. I have got too lazy to make invitations. I prefer meetings in a cafe on neutral ground. I am probably getting old and grumpy, but I am happy in my own four walls.

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