Good Morning

O - Casablanca to Rabat, Morocco

With few exceptions, the photos I use are my own. Now and again Mr. Swiss takes a photo that suits my theme, but I always give him credit. Today I must give my No. 2 son credit for this photo. He is away on business in Morocco for a few days, some sort of conference. These things always take place in the capital cities of the countries he visits and this time he had to go to Rabat. His flight landed in Casablanca and the distance to Rabat is about 90 Km, so he took a taxi from Casablanca.

It is fantastic today how online communication lets you be there and see things. He arrived in the early evening in Casablanca the day before yesterday, and within an hour he sent me this photo of the road to Rabat with its wonderful sunset. He transmitted it by mobile phone over the Facebook messenger so I was already being there after he arrived. The nice thing about the Facebook messenger is that it is uncomplicated and costs nothing.


Meanwhile back in my real world, life goes on and so does the building work. It seems the preliminaries have now been completed on the East side of our home, and the builders have now moved to the West side. I was completely perplexed this morning. I was checking through my iPad in a horizontal position in bed, awaiting the sound of marching workmen’s boots outside my window and the firing up of the pneumatic chisel and it was silent. I could even hear the birds singing. Was it perhaps the day of the patron saint of builders, St. Stephen’s Day and they were all enjoying their annual holiday. No, this was not the case, as this is at the end of December. How did I know this? I looked it up in the computer of course. Every trade has a patron saint, although I have not yet found one for housewives. However, housewife is not a trade, a talent.

No the builders have moved on. My front garden is now covered in plastic to ensure that no damage is done to the plants from falling rubble, stones and perhaps even parts of the facade. I am not protected. I should really now be wearing a steel helmet. This plastic cover mysteriously appeared yesterday afternoon and completely covered everythng, Could my plants breathe, would they be subject to light starvation? I had visions of wilting yellow plants  beneath the plastic. Some time this morning a friendly builder, who probably also has a garden at home, had walked through my garden and separated the plastic a little. My lawn could now again see the sunlight.

Another advantage of this change is that I can now open my bedroom window in the morning on the East side and allow light and air to infiltrate. On the other hand, the windows will now have to be kept shut on the West side. At the moment there is a quiet outside, the peace before the storm probably. I hear no machines, just a few clanks in the distance. It is highly suspicious. I can probably even risk cleaning my windows on the east side today. I hate untransparent windows.

Mr. Swiss has business in town this morning, and I will be left to my own devices. Yesterday was a photo session with three of my builders. I had my camera and one said to make a photo. Soon I had three of  my builders all posing for the photo of the year, arm in arm. I am sure it was the first time someone took a photo of them and not of the actual building they were working on. Their big boss demands instant mobile camera photos daily, as he himself is not often seen on the building site. Just once a week, to check that everything is going to plan, his plan of course.

And now to move on, before I am engulfed in noise and building dust. Spare a thought today for the builders amongst us. Appart from their break in the morning they are drilling and chiseling all day.

Have a nice day everyone, see you later. Oh, I even took a few photos on the way back from the supermarket yesterday, you cannot only show building sites. There is a world out there waiting to be discovered.

Road to Langendorf 10.05 (11)

9 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Facebook Messenger is a handy tool. I use it sometimes too. The sunset colours in Morocco are very nice.
    It sounds as if you are very popular with the builders. It is nice that they are friendly as you will have them around for so long. Perhaps you will become their new patron.

    Liked by 1 person

    • When I was visiting London every year to visit my dad it was ideal. Cost nothing for my many calls to Switzerland. Now dad has passed on and I no longer want to go on such exhaustive journeys. Mr. Swiss is no longer in Facebook either, although I can maintain contact with my friends around the world.
      I get on well with the builders. As Mr. Swiss tells me I have a talent of making the most of everything.


  2. Great shot of Rabat!

    I was actually wondering about your plants and light starvation. Keeping them covered for a long time will make some of them unhappy. Hopefully, not TOO many! I’m glad they’ve moved to the other side of the building. That must be at least a little easier on your nerves.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The situation has been saved as they will only beginning on that side on Monday and we have removed most of the plastic until then.. it was too much cover, and we will only replace it if really necessary.


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