Daily Prompt: In the pink?

A pink building machine

According to the details, I took this photo on 11th August in 2007. This machine was parked on the area where I live. The area was ot yet completed, they were still building and I do not know what the tractor was used for, but why not? A pink machine is always worth a photo. Since 2007 10 years have passed and what was once a village of farms has beome a village for those that like to live in the country with cows on the doorstep and many new houses, villas and appartments.  A side effect of our village, and a positive one, is the very low tax level we have. Luckily a couple of millionaires decided to build their villas here, which keeps the level of taxes paid  to qualify us as one of the lowest tax areas in the Kanton.

We are all on the pink side of life here. We have a castle, a stable with real horses and even chickens as a side line. The chickens now have two homes. I do not know the qualifications as to which chicken gets to move into the new home with all the luxury of modern chicken houses, but there is still only one rooster and I am sure he is tickled pink with the increase in hens. He is definitely in the pink.

Waldegg 07.04 (5)

I remember when the new chicken house arrive All the chickens were watching with interest and a fight broke out as everyone of them wanted to live there. Harold the rooster had to organise it and chose the lucky ladies that could enjoy the new luxury hen villa. The chickens have now settled in and this afternoon I took a walk with the camera to see how they were enjoying their new luxury home.

Otherwise the question arises am I in the pink, and this was the first thought I had when seeing the subject of todays prompt. That would mean I would be in good health and everything would be going well. A strange expresssion. Is it supposed to mean that I have a nice shiny pink complexion? I do not, and do not feel so much in the pink, more in the green and yellow with a touch of black in between, but nobody’s perfect. I am sure my mum dressed me in pink when I was a baby. Now and again I might wear pink today, but not as a main colour, just a hint here and there. I do not even really like the colour, I am more the blue type.

Sunset in Feldbrunnen, Switzerland

Daily Prompt: In the pink?

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: In the pink?

  1. Love the pink truck. Certainly stands out from any others.

    So, what happened to the hens that the rooster did not select? Did they have to go join another hen house? Or wind up part of that week’s soup?


    • No-one becomes soup, the rooster put his claw down, hens are for laying eggs. Of course, he cannot manage all the eggs they lay. As a rooster he is not really fussy, and according to his mood, he either visits the hen villa, or might go slumming in the old wooden hen coup. He is not so fussy really, and says hen is hen.


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