15 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Food

  1. I am not sure the cat agrees. My cats have several bowls of food and get treats at the same time. Yet they seem to want the bowl and the pile of treats the other one has. It gets confusing to a human. Hugs

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  2. Tabby definitely does not agree. He prefers the magical tin opener and the tin any time, especially when it contains tuna fish. Treats are OK, but he waits for them to move before he pounces on them, so we have to throw them for him. That is all part of the eating game.

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      • I don’t proportion it. Tabby mainly lives on dry food with plenty of water to drink and always has a bowl full. I do not give him meals, he just helps himself when hungry, but never seems to overeat The wet food is a treat in between and usually tuna fish from the tin.

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  3. Ours are indiscriminate gobblers. If it’s food and within their reach they’ll eat it. They’ve actually opened the pantry and chewed through plastic containers to get at food!

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