Good Morning

Wild meadow

For a change I am greeting you today with a photo of our wild meadow, next to our garden. I decided to have a cheerful photo, instead of the usual “what is happening on our personal building site” photo of the day, although I still have plenty of those photos, now over 200 in the file.

But nature is now on its best side. The meadow is a good idea. The first meadow was probably a mixture of nature and some wild flower seeds 20 years ago. Since, no-one bothers to do anything, although I must admit I usually remove dandelion heads when the decide to go forth and multiply, to give the other flowers a chance. It has now developed into a daisy field with some other flowers in between. Perhaps nothing special, but it is for me. I love seeing this in front of my window. No-one is allowed to mow it down. There is a official date, some time in June, when it is cut down, as the flowers have already thrown their seeds for the next meadow. I was out in my kaftan over my nightdress for this photo this morning with my mobile phone camera, so it is a real news photo and not fake news.

Renovation 09.05 (17)

And now back to the real world. Yesterday was the day of all days for noise. It was our turn to have the remains of the insulation chiseled away. The old insulation on our walls, which apparently was not good accoding to some who have the impression they are experts, had to be removed. You can see the remainders on the wall on the right. This meant that a pneumatic chisel had to be used. This is the most evil of all building appliances that you can imagine. Its decibel volume is top of the hit parade and when you are musing on the day ahead from the bed at 7.00 in the morning and this instrument is switched on then you are convinced that the end of the world is nigh and are thinking about panic buying in the local supermarket. It is not only the noise of the hammering  chisel, but the impact it has on the ear drums.

It accompanies you all day no matter where you are. Mr. Swiss closed the doors to various rooms, but the noise was still there and I hate closed doors and so does my cat. We celebrated the morning break with the builders because we had half an hour of silence from the chisel. However, it returned with a vengence until lunch time. After lunch it continued until 4 in the afternoon and then there was peace. And now it can only get better we hope. Yesterday was our day and they have now moved onto the next building, making a stop on the way at our entrance.

Renovation 09.05 (21)

This is one of those odd ball photos of the entrance. I just wanted to take a photo for my records, but discovered that you can see me in action with the camera, and one of the builders in the background holding most probably a malevelant instrument of noise torture. On the left at the front you can see part of the evil pneumatic drill ready for the next noise torture session.

Today the builders began very carefully, just gentle taps with a hammer, now and again interrupted by soft short drilling. It was probably just a session of final decoration. The attack is now gone to another bulding. May they suffer as we did yesterday. I no longer feel any sympathy for the others, they wanted this mess and noise and so they can get on with it.

No. 2 son contacted us yesterday from the airport in Geneva. He was ready to bord a flight to Casablanca, as he will be talking at a meeting in Rabat. He sent a further message later to say he had safely arrived and was in a taxi on the way from Casablanca to Rabat. He will be there for two days. He always sends us a message or calls from vaious airports to tell us where he will be. I must have a look at his passport the next time I see him – I am sure it is full of interesting stamps. It seems my first grandchild to be is growing and behaving himself. At the beginning of September it should arrive.

And now to making my own noise with the vacuum cleaner. I can hardly believe that the only noise I hear at the moment are voices of the builders as they have their conversations. I do not trust them, you never know what they are planning.

And for another non-building photo, here is my first peony in the garden. The bud has now opened and it is gradully deciding to arrive. Have a nice day everyone


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