Daily Prompt: Constantly pursuing

Langendorf Migros

I always seem to be pursuing something, but as I do not know what I am pursuing I just keep going. When I have a camera in my hand, I am searching all the time for the photo of the year, which I have not yet found according to Pulitzer or whatever, but that is why I am still on the pursuit. I do not know what I was pursuing when I took the above photo. We were leaving the supermarket parking place on Monday. Monday is never a day when the masses go shopping, but I do not know why. I need fresh supplies on Monday, as the cupboard is usually bare from the week-end, but others still seem to have food left, or perhaps they cook the remains of the week-end. We never have remains, when No. 1 son is at home, he usually ensures that nothing is left (except if I have cooked broccoli – it is green and he rarely eats green vegetables).

Of course I was pursuing the meaning of life, but found it with Mr. Swiss, so that is one pursuit less. I am not sure if he was pursuing,  but he seems satisifed that we found each other and now we pursue together. Although not really, we have completely different tastes and interests, but I suppose that makes it all the more interesting. Now and again we meet in the middle.

Physical pursuit is not something I now partake in. I never was an athletic star at school and have now slowed down considerably, although even when I am walking with my stick, I overtake other golden oldies with their sticks.

I remember the cowboy fillms of my younger years. The Lone Ranger, Hoppalong Cassidy, The Cisco Kid: they were permently in pursuit of the baddies and always caught them. Pursuit seemed to be their way of life.

And now I will go as I really have absolutely not found any further reason to pursue this prompt, although I just found a horse I was pursuing on one of my walks.

Horse 23.04 (7)

Daily Prompt: Constantly pursuing

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Constantly pursuing

  1. I had forgotten the endless hunt for that perfect picture. This thing about hunting with a camera is that we are never finished. We get The Picture, but we are off to find the next great picture. Instantly. it’s a pursuit that never ends. I do like it. At least when I find what I’m hunting, I just snap a shot of it. No need to blow it up!

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    • Exactly. Today Something great happened. I was out on the building site at the entrance to our place and one of the workmen saw me with the camera. He called his colleague and the both stood together for a photo. Then he saw another colleague and called him over. He was a little reluctant, but stood for the photo. They were all Italian, and such wonderful guys. I was sure they were happy for a photo together, and the photos were great. They were all smiling. I am sure they had never had their photo taken on one of their work places. Anyhow Mr. Swiss helped to print 3 photos on photo paper. I will given them to the men tomorrow when they arrive for work. I probably will not show them here, as they might not be happy about everyone seeing them.


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