Good Morning

Renovation 08.05 (23)

Even building sites have their charm against a cloudy sky. I noticed that when the builders leave us in the late afternooon, around 4.30 p.m. and peace reigns once again, the birds return and like to perch on the scaffolding. The three neighbourhood cats (one of them mine) leave their homes and go on an exploratory walk, discovering the changes in the scenery, and life generally returns to normal. We can open our windows again although carefully, as there is always a danger that a fine cloud of styrofoam will be blown in by the wind.

This morning I was again awakened by the sound of drills. However, it seems they are not drills, according to Mr. Swiss, but pneumatic chisels. It is always good to learn something, but a pnematic machine by any other name still sounds the same when being operated. I eventually ventured into the appartment from the bedroom and found closed doors everywhere. I do not like closed doors, there is only me, Mr. Swiss and the cat, so why close the doors. Ah, of course, it was because of the buiding noise. However, whether the doors are closed or not, the noise is still there, although some like to wear ear plugs.  I had things to do in the room with the closed doors, like firing up my iPad with electricity for the day’s supply and plugging in my Kindle – my computer headquarters are in this room with the closed door. The cat that owns me was also not happy, because this room is her bedroom during the morning. However where there are ear plugs there is always a solution for some.

I am sure when I begin my cleaning programme with the vacuum cleaner I will be competition for the various pneumatic appliances.

Renovation 08.05 (12)

Now this was a photographer’s delight, the non plus ultra of photography. Yesterday we said good bye to the last remainders of the blinds. They removed the large sun blind, although it was no longer really possible to lower it as there was scaffolding in the way. There remained two screws which had been incorporated into the concrete when the building was originally constructed and so they had to be cut by an cutting machine. What an opportunity for an action photo, so I took a few, to be sure. Sparks were flying and I was there with my camera. Yesterday morning I was busy cleaning and cooking and could not get to the building site. When I eventually arrived the builder said he had missed me. I told him I had housewife chores to deal with in the meanwhile. Unfortunately I cannot spend all day where the action is, now and again I have to lead a normal life.

Part of my normal life, in the evening, is reading and I have now finished my first book with the American detective Alex Cross by James Patterson “Along Came a Spider”. Mr. Swiss found the film starring Morgan Freeman as the detective and now we have it. He said we must have seen the film at some time, but I do not remember. It was a good book, some interesting twists and turns and I will probably be reading a few more in the Alex Cross series. James Patterson is one of those writers that I enjoy reading.

And now back to reality before I begin to clean the bathroom. I discovered a second lilac tree in the meadow next to my garden yesterday and took a few photos. Makes a change from the daily building site views, and reminds me that that is a nice peaceful world out there as well, with just the sounds of the birds and the bees.

Lilac 08.05 (3)

6 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • I read Murder House by James Patterson some time ago and quite liked it, at a loss of what to read I decided on this one . What I thought was good was that although the real killer wad pathological there were others also involved in the crime which surprised me. I will definitely read is few more.

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  1. I am a bit confused, sorry. Your blinds are outside? Here in the states, we have shutters on the outside, blinds go inside the window well or in fancier windows inside the window itself, and drapes or curtains go over the window and window well. Hugs

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    • Shutters are mainly on the older houses or appartments. We have strong metal blinds outside fitted into the wall that we can open and close. Inside we have curtains according to your own taste

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    • Yesterday it was our turn for the full Programme. They had a pneumatic chisel to remove the insulating layer all day. Nothing was strong enough to stop the noise. We weee glad when they had their morning break and lunch.


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