Good Morning


I cannot say it’s raining again, because it is still raining. I thought it stopped some time during the night, but no such luck. It just got quieter. I used to have a view from the bedroom window of a garden, with green sprouting plants and even flowers. I can be glad to see anything at the moment. The builders have taken over and even make their presence felt when they have a week-end break. I have a metal construction in front of the window and a sheet of plastic for protection of the garden. I almost forgot the pile of tiles that they had removed from the front of the window to enable them to dig a ditch deep enough to install the poles of the scaffolding. If it continues to rain, we will soon have a moat with fish.

I have now noticed a further annoyance. I like clean windows. Now and again I might take a photo of the bird life (which has also now made itself scarce), but now I have muddy spots on the outside glass from the building residue. I do not clean them every day, once every two weeks is sufficient and it is not big job. Now it is a big job because I have marks to remove. Mr. Swiss finds not to bother, they will only get dirty again – male logic.

Today I will probably go nowhere and do nothing, due to rain.

Jordi watch

watch 006I have another problem currently. Although I am surrounded by digital timing equipment such as my mobile phone, the television clock, two iPads and two computers, I still have the old fashioned idea of wearing a watch

My favourite watch is my Michel Jordi Swiss ethnic edition. They were introduced in 1991 with a design for each of the Swiss Kantons. Our Kanton is Solothurn, which has a red and white flag. This design was one of the planer ones. Mr. Swiss bought me such a watch for Christmas in 1991 with the symbols of Kanton Schwyz as in the photo, because it had a nice snowflake design. They all had the little embossed cows on the edge of the watch and the straps all had the same edelweiss design, available in various colours. They were not cheap, but affordable and I love this watch. I wore it every day, but there comes a time for all watches, when it needs a revision. It had a battery and now and again this had to replaced. Eventually I paid for a complete revision and it served me for many further years.

For the second time in its life it stopped working and so we gave it to the local watchmakers shop. Unfortunately in the meanwhile Michel Jordi went bankrupt and the watches were no longer being made, but you could still get spare parts and also new watchbands, but in limited colours. I preferred the black band, but the shop now only has red,  green or blue, so I have the red band.

Mr. Swiss took the watch to the shop, and for 25 Swiss Francs it got a new battery and a general clean up. I could wear my favourite watch again, but only for a week. Suddenly it stopped.  Mr. Swiss brought it back to the watchmaker and yesterday we got a written telephone message (no-one calls any more) to say that the watch had been examined and would need a complete revision (another one?) costing 250 Swiss Francs and they cannot gurantee that it would be water proof afterewards due to its age.  It still works now and again, so Mr. Swiss picked up the watch and told them to forget it.

I really like this watch, so I have not yet given up. I can still wear it, but suddenly it stops for no reason. Perhaps it is an age thing. I also stop now and again for no apparent reason.

And I will be back and hope it might stop raining in the meanwhile,

24 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Entertaining as always, I am enjoying your morning tales. I hope the issue with the watch resolves itself soon….sadly I agree with you that all stop eventually, us included. Spare parts are hard to come by for us though.

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  2. I guess I should go back to a wrist watch too. I like the way you tell about your feeling towards yours, I hope you can restore it in the future

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  3. Don’t worry about the rain. It makes the forthcoming sunny days (yes Summer is around the corner!) even more wonderful. Take rain as a great gift to sip and savour the sun 😊

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  4. All that building and construction would be really getting on my nerves by now. On another topic, I have a favorite watch too. At first the battery lasted 3 years, then every year it goes out, and costs $10-$15 to replace. The jeweler told me as watches age, the batteries goes out sooner, but I wonder why. Mine suddenly stops too. I love it, and I feel naked without my watch. I tried to replace the band but evidently the way it is made, it cannot be replaced. Everything is so complicated now.


  5. You have a beautiful watch, hopefully you can get it repaired. I use to wear a watch but stopped many years ago and can’t recall why. We have been experiencing an unusual amount of rain this year (25 inches and counting). My husband and I are doing a complete remodel on our kitchen. I truly understand how your feel of being cooped up indoors and looking at piles of stuff! It exhausts me….

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  6. When Garry and I were first together, he bought me a gorgeous Gucci watch. I’d never owned an expensive watch (and haven’t since). It ran for many years. A few years ago, it just stopped. Like yours, we were told it needed a whole new interior. But the price to Gucci to redo the watch was significantly higher than the original price of the watch in 1989, so in the end, we had a new interior installed — from Timex — and of course the case is still Gucci. It works fine 🙂 So now, it’s sort of Gucci-esque.

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    • Brilliant Idea with a different interior. We have decided to look for another watchmaker. Our local town is small, but there are other possibilities. We always went to this guy. It used to be his father in charge, and then it was good, but now it is the son, and he probably only wants to sell. My watch is not so exclusive, but still somehing special as the series is no longer made, and I would really like to have it repaired. We have a very expensive EWC gold watch, which would still work. It belonged to Mr. Swiss but he gave it to me. Unfortunately over the years, both mine and Mr. Swiss wrist have grown and the watch not with it so it no longer fits anyone.


  7. Guess what I am reading at the moment?
    Hence why I am so late to comment on your Good morning-greeting.
    Peter Grant – book 6 – the hanging tree. Just that I read it in German, it got delivered yesterday and I am speeding through it.

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    • All Peter Grant books are good, but I did not find The Hanging Tree as good as the others – perhaps it was just me. I don’t know if you are in Facebook, but I discovered a site a couple of weeks ago Lord Grant’s Irregulars for those interested in the Peter Grant Series. I joined in any case, not wanting to miss anything. Towards the end of the year the new book “The Furthest Station” should be published. What appeals to me in the book series, is that it mostly takes part in London and all the places are familiar for me.

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      • I have been to London 3 times – so I get where the main things are and “know the atmosphere” – but I could never claim familiarity like you, who grew up there and lived there! But that is not all I like about the book – I like how he describes police routines, his wry humour, and up to now (I have reached beyond the middle by now) I am very pleased with the speed of the case and the mixture of failures and successes.


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