Good Morning

Rainy Morning

It is raining, a dull day, but I am happy. There is always a silver lining somewhere. It is now week-end and week-ends are something I sort of pushed to one side when I became a retired golden oldie. Who needs them when every day is a week-end I thought. I have now realised that I belong to the privilidged few because not everyone gets a permaent week-end. I decided to take a photo to commorate the occasion of a peaceful two days of rest, where I will not be woken by the trampling of workers boots on the scaffolding and the sight of men handling drills and other such tools. They now have their well-earned week-end and we have two days of peace.

I now have time to study the development of the surroundings. The wild meadow is growing and the lilac tree is in full bloom. Mr. Swiss was outside taking a look at our mini estate and his first words when he returned were “A wonderful peace outside”.

Peony Bud

Despite the raindrops that kept falling on my head, I ventured further into the garden and saw that my peonies had buds. I planted them many years ago. The German word translated is “Whit roses” and they are always flowering at Whitsun.

Otherwise life goes on. I noticed the Brits will soon be voting. I am still a Brit, they have not yet taken my citizenship away. I thought I could join in with the vote and on Facebook I am permanently being invited with a link to a British government site, to register if I am living abroad. I have not had residency in England since 1966, but once a Brit always a Brit. I was mistaken. You are only a Brit if you have lived in England 15 years ago. I carefully followed the steps on the online registration and when I got to page 3 I was told “you do not qualify, you have not been living in Britain for more than 15 years”. What a take on, although I must admit I no longer hold a British passport. It expired two years ago and after my dad passed on, I never bothered to renew it: too expensive and complicated.

If I voted in England, I would not have a great choice in any case. The UKIP was a flash in the pan. Since Britain is doing Brexit, they are now wandering around like a chicken without a head. The Labour Party is bordering on Marxism and so you are only left with the Conservatives. Theresa May is doing her best I suppose. I just wish she would find herself a better tailor. She always seems to have bulges and creases in everything she wears.

Anyhow I can always vote in Switzerland. We have referendums every two months for something or the other. At the moment we have voted for our local council. Mr. Swiss filled it in and I signed, so everything remains the same and who cares. The people making decisions in Feldbrunnen are really of no interest in international news. Enjoy the week-end and the peace and quiet – you never know if there will be an invasion from a building troop. Yesterday was Friday, so Mr. Swiss was driving because there is always a problem with parking at the supermarket. Of couse I have no problem parking the car, but he tends to get nervous. I was again in the passenger seat armed with my camera. It had been a long while, but I could catch up on the scenery as we drove along.

Road to Langendorf 05.05 (11)

8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Well I guess that lets me out for voting in British elections too but as I was a child when I left I never expected to anyway. Doesn’t matter. I will never live there again and it is not very likely that I will ever visit again. I’m fit enough for now but it is far away and expensive to travel so I get my fix of Britain via television and YouTube. I can vote here in Australia, not only can but must as voting in state and federal elections is compulsory. Council elections are not but I usually vote anyway. If nothing else it gives me the right to complain if I don’t like how things are being done.

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    • I also have no intentions of going to London or GB again. I no longer have any close relations there necessary to visit and I am quite happy being Swiss. I just wanted to link and see what would happen. Seems to me Aussie has a good system. To travel to other countries from Switzerland is no big problem, we are surrounded by them within a few hours distance.

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  2. Question in regards to parking dilemmas. A friend has MS and cannot drive however she gets a sticker and a small blue sign with a wheelchair logo that is hung from the rear view mirror and another placed in the front car window. Also Most Malls, grocery stores with parking lots and shopping centers have designated parking for those with disabilities. The disability parking is designated with blue lines as opposed to the white lines for non-disabled drivers.

    Even in areas with no disabled parking the driver can use the signs given by DMV (Dept of Motor Vehicles) to park closer to where you need to be.

    Are you able to get such a designation?

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    • We have something similar in Switzerland, but I do not need a wheelchair. I just need support when walking with my cane, but do not qualify for a disability – yet. My illness will not get better, but I am hoping that the injections will help to stop it getting dramatically worst. Now that I am 70 years old I have to complete a test every 2 years for driving. I passed the first one and can now drive for the next two years. I can only drive an automatic, as I have problems with my left foot which does not do what I want it to. Otherwise I manage ok and am still able to walk.

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  3. Right now, MY backyard meadow is blooming too. I keep trying to get a picture of it, but somehow, it never seems to look like much. I guess it is that all the flowers are small and the grass, until we finally cut it, is tall. I don’t like cutting it until the flowers are finished.

    Nice to have the workmen go home with their tools! I guess we are both enjoying a long, wet weekend 😀

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    • It is great to be able to open the windows and know that a cloud of dust and styrofoam will not be wafting in.
      We have our meadow every year and I really love it, even the dandelions as long as they keep out of my garden. I have some sweet pea in my garden and the seeds found their way into the meadow, which also gives it a splodge of colour in between. We are not allowed to cut our meadow until the seeds appear and spread. The date is set for mid June.


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