Good Morning

Renovation 02.05 (9)

Only two months ago I would be awakened in the morning by bird song, I would turn over in my bed, hug it for an hour or so and even fall asleep again – my world was OK. Two weeks ago the building invasion began and now I am awakened by the calls of the workers, accompanied by the sound of demolition, drills and hammers. I might even get used to it eventually. I lived in a quiet place and in the early morning hours as I was sitting in the kitchen eating breakfast and saying good morning to my computer, I would look out the window and see that everything was green and growing. An occasional crow would fly past, magpies would sit in the trees and my furry monster, Tabby the cat, would go on an exploration of her territory.

Now I sit in the kitchen and see various workers walking past carrying pieces of metal or concrete and perhaps even nodding to me as I watch and uttering a good morning.  Now instead of taking early morning photos of the bird population, I am snapping the working population, although it gets you thinking. I was an office worker and also Mr. Swiss. We also had to begin work early in the morning, but our only physical movements were to sit at a desk and switch the computer on. These building workers arrive at their building site and are already in action demolishing with heavy duty tools and rebuilding. Their first opportunity to relax is the morning break, around 9.00 a.m. They sit together in a quiet corner, eat their sandwiches or whatever and drink their coffees. After a quarter of an hour they are back to the heavy lifting and working.

They balance on the scaffolding with no problem. It is a different world. Today they begin on the ripping down on our building and the remaining blinds on our appartment will be removed.

Horse Chestnut 30.04 (2)

In the meanwhile, in the real parallell world, life goes on and my horse chestnut tree is still showing its very first flower after 15 years, however to a background of scaffolding. Even a tree grows in Feldbrunnen. It might not be Brooklyn, but miracles happen everywhere.

I hopped over to Facebook this morning as usual, and saw startling news from Buckingham Palace. The Queen has called for a conference with all her personnel and no-one knows why. Will she be retiring after all, I mean if the pope can retire, then surely she could as well. I was forced to retire at the age of 62,  two years too early, but had a fair arrangement. The queen is 91, so perhaps it is time for her to let someone younger take over, although this might not be the case – no-one knows. Personally I could not care, she will not have to search for a care home and wait in the queue until she gets a place. She can stay at the palace and still have her own personal carers. I am also sure she will be looked after privately, and not have to rely on the National Health Service.

And now to move on, no shopping today, just a small window cleaning session to keep me out of mischief and a few photos to take here and there of the working force in front of my window.

See you around, have fun.

21 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I find it hard to imagine that the Queen would abdicate. I’ve always read that she believes the job is for life but I guess people can change. The Dutch and other European royals have no problem with abdication in favour of a younger monarch but the British Royals have stiff upper lips. It would feel strange to me as she has been Queen for my entire life.

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  2. You made me abandon your blog and look at the Guardian – it is just the Queen’s husband who at the ripe old age of 95 finds it impossible to meet his obligations. I think after such a long time in office he deserves some quiet living out his final years.

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    • In the meanwhile I think everyone knows that Prince Philip is the big news because he was getting too old for the stress of the job. Who wants to be prince anyhow. And the building goes on. the workers even moved my horse chestnut tree in the pot to a safe place in the garden this morning – great guys.


  3. To the building restoration, it is far easier to destroy and tear down than it is to rebuild. I am impressed by the thickness of the plaster they have torn off. Your building is built well. The outer layer of most US buildings are no way near as thick. In fact the plaster on our last home was hardly an 1 to 1.5 inches. It was a good job but would have been much better at 5 inches at least. Hugs

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    • The buliding was well built, but apparently not up to the standard it should have been. After tearing the plaster away the builder told me today that it was not well insulated below. Swiss buildings are usually built well because they have to withstand the cold winters and the hot summers.

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      • I like that they put the time and effort into building a place correctly. Here it seems to be done the cheapest and quickest way possible. Hugs


        • That was probably what they did when the originally built our block. That was 20 years ago and things have improved since. Personally we are of the opinion the complete renovation could have waited, but the majority felt it was necessary. I suppose it is an age thing. At our age we have other priorities.

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    • One advantage is that I no longer oversleep. At 7.00 am I have the sound of plaster cutting in front of the window and the voices of the workers having discussions – oh happy days.


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