Photo Challenge: Danger

Renovation 20.04 (15)

Since a month I am living on a building site. At the beginning it was a construction of a scaffolding. I was surrounded by men wearing steel helmets and contraptions with hooks for hanging safely when fixing the bits and pieces together. It was a giant metal legoland.

The scaffolding is now finished and there is a system of platforms and ladders for the next part of the building troop to use.

Renovation 03.05 (2)

The new team are wearing masks as they are the men that tear down the old insulating covers to afterwards replace them with new. We have been told to keep windows shut during the day until this part of the work is finished, which should be 2-3 weeks. Afterwards there will still be dust and dirt, as well as noise, but no so much.

Danger? it seems to me that the men have no sense of real danger, they climb the scaffolding, with no fear. The metal access door to the scaffolding is locked when they leave and a notice says that entrance is forbidden to those that have no business to be there. I can watch it all from my window as the entrance stairs are in front of my computer room.

Photo Challenge: Danger

14 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Danger

  1. From looking at the scaffolding structure I would say the workers are in far more danger from the dust and pieces of the insulation debris than an accidental fall. Hugs

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    • Yes, and so are we. Tomorrow is the big day when they begin to rip away the insulation from our block. Although what I don’t understand is that the scaffolding is forbidden for unauthorised people. This evening the workers all went home and left the entrance gate open in front of my window. Anyone can climb up to the top.

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      • It is most likely due to insurance regulations. If someone not working for the company gets hurt the insurance wouldn’t pay and the company could be sued. At least they would here in the US.

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        • Yesteday there were two kids climbing over the scaffolding. They did not need the ladder, they climbed up otherwise. There is also a lot of very expensive material laying around on the scaffolding.

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    • We have good companies engaged for the various parts of the building programme. I never realised how many specialists it involved. Yesterday the electricians arrived to disconnect our plug outside and we will also be getting the roof construction workers eventually. I was also astonished how those men would kneel on a piece of scaffolding and drill something or construct a new piece of platform. They can even turn corners with their paths. I am making the most of it now. Tomorrow they will begin to rip down our insulating covers – fun and right before my window, must get the camera ready.


  2. It’s always scary to look at the people at construction site esp when theyre at the too. Those workers put so much risk on their lives. We also have construction near our house and they are far from finishing 😬

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    • I have now had plenty of opportunity to see how they work. Our builders have all the correct clothing and shoes for the job and they are experienced workers. We have to keep windows closed when they are working on our side of the building.


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