Daily Prompt: And then we were none

Feet Shadows

Today is International None Day, when nobody is here and nothing is done, the essence of being none. It costs nothing, it is free, because it is compased of a pure none. My camera refused because it was none day, and the result was this photo. It was a portrait of me, but I was already dwindling, evaporating into a shadow of myself, there was nothing left to see, just an outline, a complete nothingness.

There are some days when the essence of nothing is welcomed. I can sit and stare at an empty computer screen, because the programme I am using is the None programme. There is no data, it has evaporated into the nonentity of nothingness, gone to the place where the programme units take a holiday. Long stretches of nothingness binaries of none relaxing in the rays of silent bytes, soaking up the tranquility of doing nothing and being none. Who needs a one, when none can exist perfectly well on its own.

Yesterday I had a dream. I was in a room filled with nothing, it was empty. I was happy. I had no-one to talk to, no arguement to have, it was an eternal length of none into infinity. I wanted to look around tthe corner to see if there was something there, but there were none. It was the best night’s sleep I had for a long time. I was in a pefect vacuum, and room of none. What could be better. See you tomorrow, if the none decides to leave.

Daily Prompt: And then we were none

14 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: And then we were none

    • What I don’t really get is that with millions of words in the english language they come up with “none”. I really intended to write the word none with a full stop, but I always have something to say.

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      • Sometimes, I just ignore the prompt — like today — and throw the word in what I feel like writing anyway. Not that I actually FELT like writing a long post about gardening, but I was stuck at home waiting for the possible arrival of a truck full of dirt. They’re coming Friday.

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        • I just like to write in the afternoon and often run out of ideas. I do my own thing more of less in the morning whilst eating breakfast. Food seems too feed my thoughts. I can get my dirt in bags at the supermarket, but this year everything is on a go slow because of the builders.

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          • I’m getting the roof on my garage replaced in a week or two, not sure. So I’m pushed to get some things done so the driveway is free. I realized that for this project the bags aren’t practical and they are twice as expensive. It’s really large raised bed. It will be interesting to see how long it takes me to fill it 🙂


    • I think it means that the fridge is empty and everyone starves, because there is no cooking, everything reduced to a big None. Mr. None cannot exist based of logical none principles. Perhaps WordPress might deliver if none are available.


  1. You did great and your photo is amazing. There is a commercial on TV where one gentleman asks his buddy a question, and the response is, “None ya.” “None ya?” “Yeah, none ya business.” That always cracks me up. See you tomorrow, Mrs AngloSwiss.

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    • Thanks. It was one of those photo accidents with the mobile phone camera which was not supposed to be, but it thought it might be useful. I was actually going to trash it, glad I didn’t. They even make “none” commercials 🙂


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