Good Morning

Raindrops 01.05 (4)

Yesterday began with the usual rain and grey in grey, but eventually in the afternoon the sun decided to pay us a visit. In the meanwhile I occupied myself with trying photos from a different perspective. Everything is a different perspective here since we have metal parts in front of our appartment from the scaffolding. However, seeing the raindrops hanging onto the metal I was inspired to take a few photos. The blossoming lilac in the background completed the effect. I am sure I am in the closer choice for a prize winner for a Pulitzer.

This morning three men in white walked passed our appartment and said “good morning” so at least they could speak. First of all I was worried that they had found me and were coming to take me away. However, they walked on and Mr. Swiss informed me they were the plasterers, the are always dressed in white apparently. Yes, today is the first plastering day and they made an inspection tour this morning. The scaffolding is ready and waiting and they can begin. Plastering is not a good thing. It means removing the old surface and replacing it with new.

This work will be combined with noise of course. Personally noise does not bother me so much, I grew up in noise. My mum’s family depended on noise. She and her sisters never held a conversation, it seemed to me they just shouted at each other. Additionally dad did not hear so well: a result of five years in the second world war on the heavy guns and working his life in a factory amongst the machinery, so we all had to shout if you wanted him to hear you. In later life he got a hearing aid, but never used it as it “was no good” according to this assessment. Even plasterers go home in the evening, so we will have peace and quiet throughout the night.

It is the dirt and dust that is bothering me, although they have not yet begun. We have already been giving information, in writing, telling us to keep the windows closed during the day. We now have summer, like temperatures around 25-30° C and I like some fresh air during the day. I am not sure how this one is going to work. On the other hand in Summer it is the Swiss way to keep all blinds and windows closed to prevent the heat getting into the home (a Mr. Swiss thing) which never really bothered me as I prefer to sit outside. However, the outside sitting place has now been reduced to a small table with two chairs, which will now quickly be covered by a layer of dust.

Today we are prisoners in our own home. The men are coming to remove the blinds and here again we have all received written information threatening us not to leave our home or refuse them entry. They have a job to do and we must ensure that it can be carried out with no problems. We do not know when they are coming and how long they need. They have thirteen appartments to work through, so it will not happen in five minutes. We have already made the beds and are making ourselves decent for their arrival. I hate this sort of thing. Life used to be so simple.

I must now move on, the blind removal men have arrived and the good thing is that they can do all the work from outside and do not have to come inside.

Must go, things are happening here and I have photos to take of the working force – everything is documented. See you around.

Wild Flowers 29.04 (1)

2 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Your wildflowers are beautiful as are your dark purple lilacs.

    My doctor, who is very asthmatic and allergic, says you should wear a mask — like in a doctor’s office — when the air is that thick with dust. It keeps the crap OUT of your lungs and reduces the likelihood of your getting sick. We use them when we are cleaning because of the heavy dust. Just a suggestion. i know they aren’t comfortable, but it’s better than winding up with a nasty cough.

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    • It’s the wild meadow next to our garden.

      A mask is a good idea. What bothers me is the dus getting into the apartment. They started ripping away the facade yesterday but have not yet reached our part of the building. The worker told me yesterday that they clean away as much as possible before they go home in the evening but we should keep windows closed during the day.


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