Flower of the Day: 02.05.2017 Geranium


Yes the good old fashioned geranium. Since I was a kid we had geraniums in Summer on the window sill in a box. Mum had to have her geraniums. We had a flower market near where we lived in the East End of London. It would take place on Sunday morning and mum always got her geraniums at the market. Once she was not feeling so well and so dad said he would go. The only problem was that dad did not know what a geranium was and how it looked, so mum had to give him an exact description as well as the colour. It was a success and he brought home geraniums, but he probably asked the salesman to be sure. I no longer have geraniums, but they arrive every year in the store and if you buy them when they arrive, they are very reasonable in price because they are smaller, but they grow to the normal size.

Flower of the Day: 02.05.2017 Geranium

13 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 02.05.2017 Geranium

    • They are the normal geranium, although the real basic gernatium is a little different. I have three different sorts in my garden, the grow in bushes and re-appear every year.


  1. I had lots of them in Israel because geraniums can actually survive full sun better than any other plant I could find. I got hanging ones and they looked beautiful draping off the balcony. We don’t have enough light for them here.

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  2. I too, love geraniums. I love them for the fact that they give so much colour to the garden for so long (two of mine kept on flowering right through the winter this year, and I love them for the fact that they are not attention demanding, i.e. they don’t need watering every night as my roses do. As I stand battling east winds while having the water blown back in my face, I nod appreciatively at my geraniums and vow to plant more next year and dig up the roses. But then, comes the sun and the roses pop out with their fantastic perfumes that mingle with the jasmine and honeysuckle and I’m rushing to the garden cenre to buy more.

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    • Geraniums were always THE summer flower. I grew up in London, and everyone had geraniums. I moved over to Switzerland 50 years ago, and everyone has geraniums. But they are hardy, always flowering. I used to plant four boxes for the garden, but no longer. Mine never survived the Swiss Winter, but not very much does. We have to wrap everything up to keep it nice and warm.


      • But when your Swiss geraniums come out they are truly glorious. I have Swiss friends in Lucerne whom I visit from time to time and when we drive around I am totally bowled over by the chocolate box effect of the flowers on the dark brown wooden chalets. Not to mention the clean cows!

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        • The chalets are something completely different. I had a friend, she would keep cuttings for her 500 geraniums on the balconies of her chalet. Another speciality they have are the hanging geraniums, really beautiful. The cows are clean, but the pastures are often not so clean. They just let it drop where they stand.


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