Flower of the Day: 01.05.2017 Bougainvillea


Not a flower that I thought I would find for this title I even had to check the spelling to make sure I got it right. I see the Bougainvillea plants from others, but Switzerland is not Bougainvillea country. In summer you sometimes see a pot of Bougainvillea outside, but usually only those people that have a green house to be able to keep them during the Swiss Winter. They would die quite quickly in our outdoor Winter temperatures. I saw this one in the local store.

Flower of the Day: 01.05.2017 Bougainvillea

11 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 01.05.2017 Bougainvillea

  1. I had one growing wild in my backyard, Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia, it was the biggest pest of a weed as far as I was concerned….almost impossible to keep under control and being a thorny plant so very difficult to cut back….as you can see I am not a great fan even though they do look spectacular in flower…

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    • It is certainly interesting to read how opinions can differ. Here it is something special, an expensive plant, and in other places almost unwanted because of their invasive nature. I have nrvrt seen them get out of control in Switzerland.and never seen them in a garden,but only in pots. It would be too cold and icy for them to survive.

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