Daily Prompt: Being knackered

Sleeping on the job

No, this is not me after my daily housework, but it is me after lunch. My golden oldie sleep after lunch if the most important part of my day. Without it I am a total nervous and physical wreck, the personification of being knackered. I think I took the photo of the store window for camping stuff, because she reminded me of someone.

It never used to be like that. I used to laugh at people that took an after lunch nap: sleeping their day away. That was in my younger years when I never wanted to miss a minute of the action. An after lunch sleep? Something for the golden oldies, for mums and dads, but not for me.

When I settled in with the man of my life I discovered he took after lunch sleeps. Of course during the week he was a working man, but Saturday and Sunday this was a normal state of affairs. I was busy knitting or in later years indulging in computer games at the week-end, but he was sleeping. Aroud 14.30 hours in the afternoon he would be back in the real world. I got used to it and when I met my english friend who told me her boyfriend always had a couple of hours sleep after lunch, I decided it must be some sort of man thing.

The years progressed, we were no longer the youngest. I noticed as a working woman, that after lunch at my desk in the office, now and again I had a moment when my eyes were drifing together and I would have loved to have been able to take a rest somewhere. It was a state of affairs that I had never experienced before.

Mr. Swiss was already retired and could enjoy his after lunch sleep every day. Eventually I also joined the world of retirement.  Mr. Swiss was occupying the settee after lunch, so I decided to try this sleep thing in my bed because there was nowhere else free. This was my first mistake in the knackered life of a golden oldie. I realised what I had been missing in the last years of my working life – an after dinner sleep and I tried it out, but I never do things in halves. If you have a sleep, that do it properly. Oh I began to love my bed. I had my after dinner cup of tea, took a walk around my iPad and then I was off. Mr. Swiss disappeared onto his settee, he now had a separate room for the settee and I disappeared into the bedroom.

I snuggled beneath my duvet and I was sleeping a real genuine sleep. My cat Tabby noticed this new state of affairs, and as she was knackered 23 hours of the day (a feline life is an exhausting life) she would join me on the duvet. I realised now what I had been missing all those years. There was no more falling asleep in front of the TV in the evening, I was relaxed and awake enjoying all the delights of reading a book, I had discovered the benefits of an after lunch sleep, although strangely Mr. Swiss still has an evening  TV sleep now and again.

Knackered was now a thing of the past – almost. The only problem is that being knackered is a wonderful condition to have and coming back to reality with the aches and pains of a golden oldie is not so welcoming. Why leave the bed when it is so comfortable, warm, and relaxing. What makes the whole thing worse, is that you have to leave the bed twice a day: once in the morning after a night’s sleep, and after lunch. I must be doing something wrong somewhere. In the meanwhile I no longer laugh at Mr. Swiss and his midday sleeps. We now even have discussions about our sleep patterns, full of understanding and analysing the necessities of the midday sleep.


Daily Prompt: Being knackered

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Being knackered

  1. It’s true. Some mornings I wake up and I would give almost anything to be able to spring out of bed like the fawn I was at age 10. OH well. At least I’m still getting out of bed…


  2. When I lived in Israel, an after lunch sleep was so built into the day, that everyone started work at 8, broke at noon, had three hours off, and came back and 4 and worked until 7 or 8. It also meant you didn’t work during the hottest part of the day. Everyone went home, ate a full dinner (not a sandwich lunch), then slept for an hour. As air conditioning and international trade caught up with the country, that broken day has pretty much disappeared, but that midday sleep was absolutely critical to many people for a LONG time. Everyone swore that a short sleep midday improved your health, made your skin better, lengthened your life. I really should try it.

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    • Sounds sensible. The hot countries in Europe have a siesta. Also closed over lunch until 4 in the afternoon. The after dinnersleep helps me a lot. I don’t feel so tired during the day and don’t fall asleep in the armchair in the evening. I always had a sleep crisis in the office after lunch.


  3. Once I had a serious sleep crisis after lunch, while I was doing an interview to a VIP for my newspaper. I asked a question and suddenly I felt something strange. I opened my eyes and saw that the VIP was staring at me very surprised in complete silence. I looked at my notepad and saw that from the third word I had written, there was a line going down all the way to the place where my pen had fallen from my hand. I had fell asleep in the middle of the conversation! My tape recorder and may plan of questions saved me that afternoon.

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